Pakistani Food Festival at Asia Live

Friday, 19 August 2016

Pakistani Food Festival at Asia Live, Avari Towers
No matter how far I travel from home and however many international delicacies I savour, nothing can be as exciting for me as Pakistani cuisine. I personally love spicy food but our country is so culturally diverse that it is reflected in our dishes. You can go from a 0 to 360 in a matter of miles and this is why I would say that Pakistan is a country that every foodie needs to explore. Asia Live at Avari Towers has been celebrating Pakistani Food Festival for the past two weeks now as August is the month of national independence. Now, if you keep up with me on my social media, you know how much I enjoyed on the 8th of August at Avari Towers which happened to be the opening day of Pakistani Food Festival.
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E.L.F Cosmetics First Impressions

Sunday, 7 August 2016

ELF Beautifully Bare Blush Peach Perfection
ELF  Peach Perfection Beautifully Bare Blush
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As a starter, ELF was one of those super affordable yet popular brands that made my eyes glisten. However, I never really got around getting anything from the brand all this while and that was mainly due to lack of availability. Now, ELF has finally made its way to Pakistan and you can now treat yourself at Luckily I was sent a care package containing some of their adorable goodies. So naturally, I was quite excited and even though I haven't been able to use all the things properly as they have just launched, I still want to share my first impressions with you guys.

In my package I got four makeup products and their shades are pretty basic on the whole, at least for warmer skin tones, which means they can be easily incorporated in my everyday makeup routine.

French Food Festival at Asia Live, Avari Towers

Monday, 25 July 2016

Liver Pate with Raspberry Coulis and Melba Toast // Nicoise Salad
Liver Pate with Raspberry Coulis // Nicoise Salad
Bastille Day or the French National day is celebrated on 14th of July and in its honour this time around Asia Live Restaurant at Avari Towers has dedicated two whole weeks of serving authentic French food. Apart from seeing glimpses of French cuisine in Masterchef Austrailia over the years, this was my first time ever to actually experience it in reality along with the Karachi bloggers bunch on 19th of July. So, we had an adventerous evening in terms of food, as we chatted with our hosts which included the French Manager at the restaurant who has enthusiastically brought South French flavours to Karachi.