Sunday Brunch At Beach Luxury

A busy week calls for a chill weekend scene and what better way to spend a Sunday than a brunch by the beach? Beach Luxury has just relaunched their Sunday Brunch and I was invited to the opening yesterday. It was pretty exciting as it brings back a lot of childhood memories of the time that I have spent with my family at the hotel. The sea facing location is absolutely serene and beautiful, so I even took the opportunity to shoot my outfit for the day with a new purse that I recently got from Rosegal.

Sunday Brunch At Beach Luxury - White Shirt
Sunday Brunch At Beach Luxury
I chose to keep my attire fairly casual but I still wanted it to look put together, hence I opted for a button-down white shirt that I seriously got almost ten years ago from Saudi Arabia. It just goes to show that I have not grown up at all since. Haha. I paired it with my blue Levi's jeans and printed white heels from Regal. To add a pop of colour to this otherwise plain outfit, I styled it with a Rosegal Red Metal Zip Embellished Faux Leather Handbag*. This bag does cost a pretty penny at $33.52, but I love the quality and the gold detailing on it. It is quite spacious with two big compartments, three smaller ones on the inside and has a zipper at the back too. The faux jeans pattern with gold zippers on the sides as embellishments add a modern touch it.
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Nicole Guerriero x Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit

I just got the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero collaboration Glow Kit and I feel so ecstatic! I already did an Instagram Live session where I swatched, talked and answered some questions about the palette but in case you missed it, here are all the details.

Nicole Guerriero is one YouTuber that I have been following for around four years now. While she was not one of the first beauty gurus that I ever came across, she definitely has been the one person I have always somehow felt connected to.

Nicole and Anastasia Palette
Nicole Guerriero x Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit
I do not usually buy collaboration or limited edition makeup because,

a. Most of the brands do not directly ship to Pakistan. If they do, customs are a hassle and it just ends up being far more expensive than it actually is.

b. The palettes or bundles do not always have all the shades that I would use.

c. They are only available for such a short span that I do not get enough time to make up my mind before things fly out of stock.

However, since I really adore Nicole and her choices, which pretty much always work for me, there was no way I could miss this Limited Edition Glow Kit from Anastasia. The highlighter palette was certainly a love at first sight when I saw it online and all of the swatches from the people who managed to snag one early from their Sephora convinced me further to blow my money on this baby.

French Food Festival 2017 at Avari Towers

Who remembers my first time of trying out French Food (including snails!) at Avari Towers last July? If you do, props to you for sticking around and being here for yet another scrumptious post. Asia Live Restaurant is currently hosting yet another French Food Festival, which will last until 1st April, and things are quite different this time around.

Last year the French Food Festival offered only an a la carte menu while the rest of the food festivals that followed solely offered a buffet dinner. However, this here's another round of the French Food festival again and Asia Live has added a new twist. So now you are getting a buffet for salads and desserts but an a la carte menu for the soups and the main courses. The thought behind this was to prevent food from wasting while people still do get to enjoy salads and sweets as much as they like. It is something new that they have tried but I must say that the restaurant seemed busier than usual and our own order took a while to arrive.

Salad Bar at French Food Festival
Salad Bar at French Food Festival 
Anyways, starting with the salads, you can see how colorful and tempting the setup looked right from the beginning, that is as soon as I entered, I was drawn to the salad bar. They had the usual assortment of vegetables along with mini sandwiches, tiny meat pies etc. There were also pureed vegetables including bell peppers which tasted amazing with a dollop of cream on top.

Beauty Bar Women Empowerment Campaign And First Impressions

Beauty Bar is an online shopping portal for makeup and beauty products. For the Women's Day, this March, Beauty Bar decided to run a little campaign and promote some of the local businesses which are owned by women entrepreneurs.

Willa Hafeez, who herself is the owner of Beauty Bar, wanted to make quality products accessible to women in Pakistan and hence started the business a year ago. However, she soon realized that women need to cooperate and mutually support each other to be stronger and therefore, took on board 4 equally ambitious women. The idea was to highlight their contribution as female entrepreneurs and in order to do so, all of them together sent some care packages to bloggers filled with one product that each brand has to offer.

The Gift Fairy Box

I did post a couple of unboxing videos of the parcel that I was on sent, on my Facebook page and Instagram, so do check them out if you are interested. I am super proud of the one I posted on Instagram because I tried my hand at something new while making it and it is different than a usual unboxing video.

Burns Road Night at Sky BBQ, Avari Towers

The ongoing Burns Road Night at Avari Towers' restaurant, Sky BBQ, is any desi foodie's dream come true. Burns Road is the infamous food street of Karachi, which used to be busier a few decades back, probably when my parents were my age. I have heard countless stories of scrumptious food that they have had with their friends in their youth and I have always wanted to try it out for myself. While the place is still existent, I have never been able to go there. Probably because the area itself is not as safe as it once used to be and also, it has changed a lot.

You know, Avari hosts a lot of food festivals around the year in its many different restaurants from Asia Live to Dynasty to Fujiyama to, of course, Sky BBQ. So, on the occasion of 23rd March, which happens to be Pakistan Day, for those of you who do not know, Avari Towers came up with the idea of having a Burns Road Night to relive the olden era in a tasteful manner, literally as well as figuratively.

Barbecue at Burns Road Night at Sky BBQ, Avari Towers
Barbecue at Burns Road Night at Sky BBQ, Avari Towers
Sky BBQ as the name depicts, is a rooftop barbecue restaurant from where you can view the bustling nightlife of Karachi while enjoying your dinner and the zephyr. I personally love the ambiance the restaurant has to offer as it is formal yet relaxing. Last night, to go with the Burns Road theme, there were painted canvases hung of old movies, the way they used to be outside cinemas. There were also truck art style painted utensils and cultural items like handheld fans displayed. The tables too had an ajrak print cloth along with the usual white and the well-lit setup tied everything together by painting a diorama of livelihood.