Keeping the Youth Updated

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Teenagers Website

While it is great to see teenagers these days even as young as thirteen know how to keep themselves groomed, what is the latest fashion piece and which is the swankiest place to dine at, I believe there is always more to keep an eye out for. So when I was introduced to Youth Tribune by my Tycoon advertiser of the month, I discovered a brilliant website that posts the latest news from around the world. It covers topics like technology news flash to scientific research articles and you guessed it right, it had me on science. I don't know about you, but I enjoy reading the type of content posted on IFLS because I am keen about science, so Youth Tribune was right up my alley, and let's be real, this stuff is way more interesting than gossiping over who wore what to where.
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The Makeup Removing Arsenal

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Makeup Removing Arsenal

Makeup removal is a serious drill, and even though I do not wear makeup daily, I have been wearing makeup more often lately due to social gatherings every other night. So, in this post, I will be sharing how I take off all my makeup in order to make sure my pores are not clogged and my skin gets to breathe when I go to bed.

1. Makeup Wipes

Makeup wipes are my first step of makeup removal as they take off the first layer of makeup so it is easier to carry on with deeper cleansing. I have been using makeup removing wipes for a couple years now and while previously, I had used the ones from Cool and Cool and even baby wipes, I decided to get a professional makeup brand this time. I had high hopes from L'Oreal Dermo-Expertise Renourish Cleansing Wipes, but these are not moist enough to break down much makeup, even though it reads on the pack these take makeup off in a single swipe. I only like them because they also claim to be anti-dryness and they live up to it. My skin flakes easily so it really is important for me to be conscious about skin care products. Nonetheless, I guess I will pick up another baby wipes next time as I like them a lot better. These costed 349 PKR in case you are wondering.

Photo A Day on Instagram Summer Challenge!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Photo A Day on Instagram Summer Challenge!

When I first started out on Instagram, participating in photo-a-day-challenge was my favourite thing to do. I participated in all sorts of challenges, be it beauty or lifestyle. Later on, I even did a couple weekly double themed series myself, hashtagged #JSPWeeklySeries teamed up with my twin, Shamvil. However, this time around I want to do a summer/beauty challenge in which more people can participate, so I came up with a Summer Lovin' June Challenge.

Nail Foils - A New Obsession

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Nail Foils

I have been hunting nail stickers lucklessly for past year or so and it all started after I saw Nicole Guerriero and Lily Melrose talk about them. A couple weeks back I was at Saverz supermarket to pick up some prescribed medicines when I just wandered off to the makeup aisle as it was my first time in there and I could not contain my excitement when I saw these 'Nail Foils' hanging on a stand. I see why these are called 'foils' and not exactly 'stickers' because 1. They are shiny, 2. The stickers I saw Youtubers feature were made of a different material and seemed much thinner. There weren't many options and they all were glittery, though the glitter isn't gritty rather coated over with something for smoothness, so I picked up this pink and sea green one to give it a go.

Design, Code and Upload Your Blog Button!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Design, Code and Upload Your Blog Button!

As you guys know I now offer advertisement slots in my sidebar to bloggers and businesses, but the most common query my advertisers have is 'How to make a blog button?', and due to this half the time I myself am either coding or fixing things for them. Not that I mind, but having a button (a linked image logo) is a great way of increasing the reach of your blog so everybody should know how to make their own as you can use this button for advertising or swapping with your blog buddies. A lot of you guys showed interest when I mentioned in my previous posts about this blog button tutorial so I hope you learn something new today!

Before we begin, in case you are wondering what blog advertising is all about, don't you worry because I have got you covered on that too. Click here for a detailed post on how you can advertise your blog on another blog.

Freeman Chocolate and Strawberry Clay Mask Review

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Freeman Chocolate and Strawberry Clay Mask Review

Given the fact that I have used quite a number of Freeman products, I can totally trust the brand to not disappoint me, yet bearing in mind my easily dried out skin type, clay masks are the last thing anybody would expect to work well for my skin. I was recommended the Freeman Chocolate and Strawberry Clay Mask by a dear friend of mine and even though I was not really expecting much, I thought the scent would be worth it as everybody raves. 

Masarrat Misbah Afghan Rose Lip Varnish Review and Swatches

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Masarrat Misbah Afghan Rose Lip Varnish
Masarrat Misbah Afghan Rose Lip Varnish
PR Sample*
By this time, the Pakistani beauty scene is all about Masarrat Misbah's recently launched makeup line and I am sure you are here today because you could not resist missing a post about her makeup. At the launch event, that took place in Karachi on Saturday, 18th April 2015, Masarrat Misbah and her family were present to not only welcome the bloggers but also treat us like family. Everything was handled very well, thanks to Samra Muslim, Sumaiya Shafi and their team at Walnut Communications. Masarrat Misbah herself seemed extremely happy but at the same time humbled. She said she waited years for the halal certification but is now proud to announce that the cruelty-free Masarrat Misbah Makeup is the first certified halal makeup range of Pakistan. Also, she clarified that this halal status is not just based on no use of animal derivatives but also the income of the people who have been working on it is halal to earn the certificate. We were given the golden opportunity to get skin consultations from none other than Nighat Misbah, who everyone knows is Masarrat Misbah's sister. The fun part was when we were told to freely try out every product from the newly launched range. In the end, we were sent home with a loaded goodie bag and Afghan Rose, the lip varnish I am reviewing today was one of the lip products I found in mine.