Just Listen - Sarah Dessen

Today I'm blogging about a book I read a while ago. It's called Just Listen and the author of this book is Sarah Dessen.

Just Listen - Sarah Dessen

The story is about a girl named Annabel who has got the perfect looks but not so perfect life. It's a slow paced yet an interesting novel. Anyhow, I won't be reviewing it rather I'm here to share some points that I jotted down after reading this novel and they mean a lot to me because this is what I have been able to learn from this story. I hope you enjoy and I'm sure you'll be able to relate to them in some way.

1. You don't always get that "perfect moment" you wish for to do certain things that can prove to be a milestone in your life. However, you have to do the best under the given circumstances.

2. You might pretend to forget your past but it never leaves you and eventually overtakes until there's no path left except the one that can lead you through it. That is, make peace with it. Do not leave incomplete ending.

3. There are not just extremes/absolutes to everything. That is, it does not have to be just either right or wrong, good or bad. There's always a middle as well that holds it all up together.

4. There comes a time in every life when the world gets quiet and the only sound left is of your own heart.So you should better learn to know the sound of it otherwise you'll never understand what it's trying to convey.

5. There aren't a whole lot of opportunities in life to really make a difference. Avail whenever you get one.

6. It's always nice to know your options.

7. Pieces and parts are easier to process. The full picture, the entire story is another thing entirely.

8. It feels good to avoid small white lies.

9. What makes a story real is knowing that someone will hear and understand.

10. How you see things, depends on what it might mean to you.

11. For once, don't think or judge, "Just Listen".

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Some of the points mentioned above are in my own words while others are the exact extract from the novel itself. Please note that I did not mean to distort any of it's content, rather, the difference occurred because I thought about writing these down when I was almost done with the novel so those points which are in my own words were written down from memory.

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