Lets Makeup: Beginners Guide

Your face is like a canvas and you get to be artist :)
All you beginners out there, this is a step by step introduction to makeup :)
Please remember that when it comes to makeup, a little goes a long way. So kindly make sure that you do not cake-up your face!!
Lets get started!

Lets Makeup: Beginners Guide

Note: Before you begin, wash your face and moisturize it.

1. Primer: Before you put on your makeup, you might want to use a primer though this is optional. There are two types of primer; one is for your eyes and the other one is for the rest of your face. A primer basically allows your makeup to set well and last longer.

2. Foundation/Tinted Moisturizer: For evening out your skin tone and providing a base for your makeup, you need to apply foundation. Foundations are available in various forms. If you have dry skin, you should probably go for liquid or cream foundations, whereas, if you have got oily skin, you should use stick or compact foundations. Though, I personally believe that liquid foundation gives you a more natural look and there are liquid foundations available for oily skin as well. On the other hand, if you've got good skin naturally than you might just want to use a tinted moisturizer for a perfect finesse or just adding colour to your skin.

3. Concealer: Concealer helps in hiding all your blemishes, so just dab some on your spots and you are good to go.

4. Powder: Just lightly use pat powder on your face and it just gives your base a smooth finesse and prevents shine. You can all do a re-touch over your complete makeup look for refreshing it up.

5. Bronzer: Bronzer is used for contouring and this helps in highlighting the bone structure of your face. This is basically used on forehead, hollows of cheeks and on the sides of  your nose to make it look smaller and thinner.

6. Blush: Our cheeks are a bit pink naturally, but when we smooth on our base, we actually hide that color, and to restore that we wear blush! Blushes are also available in various forms like cream, powder, gels or and stains. Again, you get to choose whatever suits your skin type or what you prefer.

7. Eye-shadow: There are umpteenth options available when it comes to eye-shadows. You get them in every colour and type. Choose them in accordance to your outfit. There are a number of ways in which you can apply your eye-shadow. Experiment and customize according to events.

8. Liner: Eyeliners make your eyes to appear larger and brighter. You have the option of either picking pencil liners or liquid liners. They just beautify your eyes more and there are colour options available in them.

9. Mascara: Mascara makes your eyelashes to appear bigger, thicker and longer and people think it's pretty flattering to have long, beautiful lashes. There are again colours to choose from according to your eye colour or style.

10. Lipstick/Lip gloss/Lip Tint: Lipsticks or lip glosses add a finishing touch to your makeup. For a more natural look you can use neutral or pastel colours or lip tints.

Makeup brushes

11. Basic Brushes: Concealer Brush, Foundation Brush, Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Eye-shadow Brush, Eyebrow Brush with Lash Separator. These are the types of brushes that you'll be needing for different purposes as their names suggest. However, you do not need to buy them all at once. You can juggle between a couple of brushes when you just begin.

Makeup tools

12. Extra Tools: Beauty Blender, Makeup Sponges, Eyelash Curler, Tweezers, Pencil Sharpeners, Q-tips, Cotton Balls.

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My Skin Care Routine

Hey guys! Here's my skin care routine! :) Tell me yours by commenting below! ;)

1. Wash: 

Apart from washing my face every morning and night, I also wash it every time I return home from outings. This is a important thing to do because every time you go out, your skin comes in contact with dirt and dust and of course the rays of sun. I'm currently using Ponds Pure White Face Wash. It's a good product for daily usage. Apart from that I use Clearasil when I get pimples and it handles them pretty well!

2. Cleanse: 

Cleansing helps in clearing skin when you are all spotty and it is an important step before exfoliating as it softens any dead/flaky skin cells which can be scrubbed off later with ease. It also cleans clogged pores and re-hydrates your skin. I cleanse daily before shower. Currently I'm using Ponds White Beauty Cleansing Milk. You can however, use any cleanser that suits your skin.

3. Scrub: 

As mentioned above, exfoliating with a scrub removes all dead/flaky skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth. I use two types of scrub. One is a normal creamy scrub which I use after every 15 days. While, the other scrub that I use is a wash. It is Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub and I use it when I have long days out in sun or when my skin feels particularly troublesome with flakes all over.

4. Tone:  

Toning usually follows after cleansing but if you plan to exfoliate, do this after that. Toning helps in minimizing the pores that were just cleansed. Also, it cleans any left over dirt while restoring your skin's pH. I'm currently using Ponds White Beauty Toner.

5. Moisturize:

Use a moisturizer according to your skin type. I hate greasy face and therefore I use water-based moisturizers. At the moment I'm using Nivea Soft. But I have a combination skin and my cheeks get really dry, so I always rub in some more moisturizer on them.

6.Extra Care:  

  • For some extra care I wash my face with first a paste made out of gram-flour, turmeric powder and water and then I wash it with oatmeal. It works wonder for my skin type. Gram-flour reduces pimples while turmeric brings out my natural colour and oatmeal fights with dryness.

  • To deal with redness from pimples, rose water is the best and it also soothes skin. 
  • In winters I mix a spoon of olive oil with a spoon of fresh cream and rub it all over my face to give it an extra boost of moisture as my skin flakes terribly in fall.
  • Tomatoes are great for sunburns but also do not forget to use a sunburn with a high SPF every time you walk out in the sun.
  • Cucumber is also great for soothing skin and it also clears out your skin tone.

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My Hair Care Routine

I've inherited stick straight and super fine hair from my paternal side. This hair type needs a lot of care as it's more prone to breakage and damage.

I've got a simple but very effective hair care routine. There's nothing new about it but we tend to forget little things which can lead to big problems.

1. Oil:

Oiling is a must because it nourishes your roots and also prevents dryness. Note that you should always oil your scalp as well with your hair. I oil my hair twice a week with mostly mustard oil. I've been using it since childhood and it suits my hair. However, you can use any oil that suits you. Some other oils that I'd recommend are almond and egg oils. They are a bit expensive though but really great for hair and they also prevent hair-fall.

2. Shampoo: 

I'm currently using Pantene Pro-v along with it's conditioner and before this I was using dove hair-fall rescue. Both these shampoos have always suited me and they make my hair more manageable. Though, my mum still makes me use baby shampoos often and I'm actually grateful to her for that because mild shampoos are the best for daily wash as they are not loaded with chemicals and they treat your tresses gently without damaging them. I keep on changing my shampoos rather than sticking to just one and that works for me.

3. Avoid over wash:

Do not shampoo your hair everyday or else it'll strip all the moisture off your scalp because your hair needs its natural oils as well, to grow. I wash my hair after every 2-3 days depending on how hot the weather here is.

4. Hair Mask:

Once a month, I use a home-made hair mask. It's very simple to make and it just adds extra luster to my mane. All I do is beat one egg, add a spoonful of honey and olive oil and 3 spoons of yogurt . Then I mix them all well and put it in my hair for 30 minutes. You can make your own mask with the ingredients which are easily available in your kitchen and the ones you feel your hair needs.

5. Trim:
Even if your trying to get long hair, trimming is a must each month as it helps in keeping your hair free from split-ends. The ends of your hair strands get weak as your natural oils do not reach them and therefore they split. Otherwise, the split might just go farther up and eventually you'll have to chop off more hair.

6. Brush:

Lastly, brush your hair often with a brush which has widely spaced bristles. Brush before going to bed as well because it enhances blood circulation in your scalp which is healthy for hair growth and secondly it gives you tangle free hair which is much much more easier to handle at all times. But do not brush your hair when wet because hair is more fragile at time and it easily breaks.

P.S: I do not use styling products on my hair often so I do not need a clarifying shampoo but if you do, you should use one at least once in 15 days to wash away the residues of all those products. This would clean your scalp and allow it to breathe. Also, remember to use a heat-protectant whenever you use hot tools on your hair. And always detangle your hair before washing!

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My Favourite Foundation & Powder

Hey, guys! Today I'm blogging about my basic makeup favourites!

karaja stop shine foundation

First up is the foundation that I use. I absolutely love Karaja Stop Shine Foundation and I'm in between shade 5 and 6. It's actually for oily skin but it works really with mine as well. As the name suggests it does not make your face look oily at all. Also, it does not make you to break-out. I've got a combination skin so I do moisturise first with a water-based moisturiser and then smooth this all over my face. I'd definitely buy this product again. It's a bit pricey but it's worth it. The coverage is good and buildable.

rimmel stay matte pressed powder
Now lastly, the face powder that I use is Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powder. My shade is 004 sandstorm. This powder has got minerals in it as well and therefore, I believe it's great for me as my skin is super sensitive. It gives me a very matte look and minimises pores. It stays on for up to 4 to 5 hours and the best thing is it sets really well over my foundation. I definitely recommend this because it's amazing and affordable.

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OOTD feat. Outfitters and Stoneage Jeans Co.

Hey guys! I've put together an outfit for you guys! I think it's a great combination for hanging out with friends.
Hope you like it :) 

outfitters t-shirt, an affair in red square
The shirt is from Outfitters and it's called "An Affair In Red Square". My best friend gifted this to me on my birthday!
It's a baggy t-shirt which is very comfortable and you can wear it with a black full sleeve shirt inside during winter as well.

Price: 1090 PKR

stoneage jeans
The jeans is from Stoneage Jeans Co. This is a Turkish made product and the material is very soft and amazing. It's a skinny jeans which is totally in fashion these days. The cut is diamond and the colour I got is DDW-002 Rich Blue 3032, which is my favourite as it goes well with any colour! 

Price: 3750 PKR

You can accessorize it with black, yellow or red boots, heels or sandals and funky jewelry!

This is not a sponsored post.

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Color Studio Professional "Bomb Shell" Nail Polish Review and Swatches

Hey guys! I recently bought a lovely bright red shade, named 'Bomb Shell', from Color Studio Professional's range. It is not as orange as it appears in the photograph above which was taken in bright sunlight. The shade is what I like to describe as 'coral', but I must say it is very versatile and appears different in different lightings, ranging from a pink-red to a loud orange-red to even simply red! This is my first CSP product, and I must say that I am amazed! The cylindrical bottle with the similar applicator cap is both cute and convenient.The applicator itself is next to perfect, and I have had no issues with it at all. Bomb Shell goes on nails nearly streak-free, and it only takes a coat or two to be completely opaque. In addition to that it dries really quickly and stays on my nails for about a whole week (without base or top coat). I absolutely love this nail polish for its high-end quality and the affordable price tag.

Price: 250 PKR
I got mine for 225 PKR from Naheed Supermarket.

Availability: Easily available at CSP counters in malls and supermarkets nationwide. Or order directly from http://www.colorstudiopro.com/.

My Rating:

It's a must have! :) x
09 10