November Favourites {Beauty & Blogs}

-dramatic sigh-

It's the last day of November and I've picked my November Favourites to share with you all :)

Lets start with Beauty Favourites:

I'll go through these quickly and I have already short-listed them as I feared this post would get too long otherwise!

November Beauty Favourites

1. Listerine Mouth Wash: I don't think most of you would consider it a beauty favourite but I do because I'm very keen about oral health and beautiful teeth are a turn-on for me! If you want, I can do a whole post dedicated to oral health, just leave me a comment below saying so.
This particular mouthwash became a favourite mainly because of it's mild soft-mint flavour unlike many of the other mouthwashes that I have tried. It does burn but of course it's less intense. Though, only yesterday I found out that Listerine has also launched Listerine Zero which is alcohol-free so it doesn't burn at all. I'll be trying that out next!

2 & 3. Pears Soap & Dove Intensive Cream: Even though I have been seeing Pears advertisements for ages, for no particular reason I never bought it until on our last run to supermarket when my mom suggested me to try this, knowing that I have dry skin all year long and considering the fact that it has glycerin in it. This one has been a life-saver pick! In combination with the Dove Intensive Cream, which too was a new pick, it has worked wonders for my skin. Now my skin looks smoother, feels softer and stays well hydrated. I have not gotten even a single dry patch on my face since ever I'm using these two. Pears smells like nothing but glycerin and its very mild so no problem at all. However, I wasn't really sure about Dove at first because it is scented and I don't like to use scented moisturizers for I fear reactions and allergies. Good that I didn't get a chance to take a whiff at it in the supermarket because the salesperson was just so cranky -_- . Anyways, I have had no reactions at all on my skin after using it so I reckon its safe to use. :)
By the way, Pears is also available in two other flavours, namely Oil Clear and Germ Shield, but I think Gentle Care is the one for me. :)

4. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Body Gloss: I already reviewed this product this month and I'm loving it for both day & night-outs. You can read my review here.

Moving on to Blog Favourites:

Note: These are in order of my subscription date.

1. I started actual blogging this month only and I believe Hayley from Water Painted Dreams has been a major inspiration for me. I found her blog linked in another blogger's favourite and when I read her blog, I felt that we have a lot in common. I enjoy reading her blog. It's light hearted and not cluttered at all. Her blog has a nice balance between life and beauty, and I'm sure you'll love her. Do visit her blog and tell her I sent you. :P

2. I don't remember how I came across Sara's blog, ! Pretty In Pink ! , but I am glad I did. :)
Everything about her blog is just as cute as she herself  is. ^.^ From her layout to her posts, everything is such an eye-candy! I fell in love with her blog at first sight and I enjoy reading her posts a lot. Very few bloggers have the art of actually making their audience willing to read even their less exciting posts all the way through and undoubtedly Sara belongs to that lot. She is simply amazing! Do visit her blog as well and tell her I sent you. :)

Best thing about both the bloggers mentioned above is that they are interactive with their audiences. :) 
Two great ladies, double blog treats for you! Enjoy :)

Lastly, I've been loving this ladies website called YouBeauty that I came across a while ago. I mainly love it for it's quizzes and I have subscribed to it via email. Everyday, I receive a "Daily Aha" and one other email about health and beauty. I find it a very useful and knowledgeable subscription as everyday I discover new beauty and health facts and figures in addition to loads of helpful tips! You must check it out! :)

Last night, I took a Hair Age Quiz on this site and apparently my hair is just 14 years old ;) haha! That's good, considering that I am 18 actually! Take this quiz and tell me how old is your hair by commenting below . :)

Hair Age Quiz :

I hope you enjoyed reading! See you in December :) x

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Clearasil Stay Clear Oil-Free Gel Wash Review

Clearasil Stay Clear Oil-Free Gel Wash Review

I bought this product a long while ago and it has lasted me for much longer more than a year. Clearasil Stay Clear Oil-Free Gel Wash is basically for oily skin unlike mine but still people with dry skin do too get breakouts. I bought this on a friend's recommendation and later checked it with my dermatologist as well. The best thing about this product is that you need just a pea size amount and it lathers up really well. I'm not really a fan of gel washes as they are difficult to wash off but the only reason I use this product is that it clears zits in just two to three washes and it is also a good exfoliator.

However, it is written on its bottle that it is not to be used with other acne medication as you may face over-drying. If you already have dry skin, then do not use this as your daily face wash because you know that acne clearing products have drying agents like salicyclic acid which are needed to dry out pimples. Also, moisturizer well after using this and you'll be good to go.

All opinions are my own. Do check with your dermatologist if you have sensitive skin or severe acne.


This is not relevant to this post but I really want to give a massive shout-out to Bhavi from My Lush Box Beauty Blog. She recently had her second ovarian cyst removed and this girl has really got the nerve! If I would've been in her place, I would have probably turned to jelly! Visit her blog, drop a hello and tell her how brave she is. :)

Also do take very good care of yourselves and do go for regular check-ups ladies.


Jadirah Sarmad

DIY Movember Manicure

Movember is a portmanteau word from moustache and "November". The month of November is now known for growing awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancer. Movember aims to increase early cancer detection, diagnosis, effective treatments and ultimately reduce the number of preventable deaths. Besides getting an annual check-up, the Movember Foundation encourages men to be aware of any family history of cancer, and to adopt a more healthful lifestyle.

So, to play my part, today I'm posting a Movember Manicure to raise awareness! Stay blessed and take care of yourselves people. :)

I used a pearl pink nail polish as the base coat and drew on the moustaches using a tooth-pick with black nail polish.

Tips & Tricks:

1. Keep cleaning the tip of your toothpick so that it does not draw thick.
2. Practice on a piece of paper before doing it on your nails.
3. Keep your hand as steady as possible when drawing.
4. If you wish, draw one same moustache on each nail or do a variety like me.
5. Do not worry about messing it up, you can always wipe it off and start over ;)
6. Seal your nail art with a top coat to give your nails a smooth finish.

DIY Movember Manicure

My favourite is the Pencil Moustache (in Manicure!!) What about you? :)

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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Body Gloss Review

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Body Gloss

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Body Gloss is a rich creamy moisturizer with shimmer in it. It is a skin illuminating lotion which enriches skin with a subtle shimmer. I got this as a birthday gift last year and I absolutely love it. It is very re-hydrating and leaves back no trace of grease but I do not use it as a moisturizer rather as a luxurious gloss mostly for night outs. It is also known for enhancing a light self-tan. The smell is the typical Palmer's cocoa butter smell and the consistency is pretty much the same as any other body moisturizer. The shimmer in it tends to get on palms when applying but it is easily washable so there's nothing to worry about even if it gets a little on clothes.

Here are the swatches;

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Body Gloss Swatches

Note how beautifully the camera picks up the light from all that shimmer in it.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Body Gloss Swatches

Have you ever tried this product?

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Payphone & Daylight - Maroon 5

Earlier this month I posted a brief review on One More Night by Maroon 5, which is the second single in their fourth and latest album, Over-exposed. Now I'm back to talk about their other two singles from the same album.

Their third single, Daylight, was released recently on 8th November and I had to blog about it because I've had high hopes for this one after listening to the earlier two. So, I decided to write about their first single as well because it  has great lyrics and I'm more in love with it at the moment than the other two which were released later.

Here we go,


Payphone is not as catchy as the other two when you listen to it initially but it has the best lyrics among-st the three. Beautifully written, this pop song is all about a relationship that is falling apart. I'm not quite sure about Wiz Khalifa's part though. It doesn't quite fit well rhythmically with the rest of the song and their is no spark about it even. Apart from that, this number is an absolute dope. I'm looking forward to do it's cover.


Daylight is a soft rock track with a nice music but it is my least favourite on the album. It is a good number but I still believe that the other two are much better lyrically. Most music critics said that this song resembles Coldplay's songs in a way, and Cameron Adams said that "it sounds like Max Martin trying to write a Coldplay song by recycling his Backstreet Boys handiwork". It's not a total rip-off though and is an addition to my Fall Playlist.

Tell me what you think of Overexposed and which song is your favourite on this album :)

Maroon 5 all the way \m/

P.S: You can pick up 'OVEREXPOSED' this entire Black Friday week for only $3.99 on Amazon MP3!

Week In Photos # 01

From Top Left: DIY Origami Penguin, Graduation Ceremony Invitaion & Scroll, Coral Toesies
2nd Row Left Onwards: My First Red Bull, Organised Cotton Ball Jar, Scrumptious Home-made Pizza
3rd Row Left Onwards: Rimmel London Extra Super Lash Mascara & Soft Kohl, Rosette Nail Art, New Profile Picture.

Hey guys, this was a busy week for me! I had so much going on. I received my university admission letter recently (yaaay!) and then I had my A'levels graduation ceremony all of a sudden after months of passing out from school!! Haha.

I also posted my first DIY tutorial and it was a real effort to shoot and edit and upload it. I had to get right lighting and all for those Origami Penguins..ah!  Then I had my first Red Bull this week, which was quite strong and had a bitter after taste which didn't really please me but I wanted to try it for the longest time and I finally did after it had been in my refrigerator for weeks :P

And one random night, something got into me and I started to stack my cotton balls colour-wise in their jar :D (this is such a random sentence!!)

Okay, enough randomness, then this Thursday I made Chicken Tikka Pizza in my Pizza Maker because I love Pizza (I can never ever have enough of Pizza). ♥ And that reminds me that a girl can never have enough of mascara and eyeliner either! (I can't at least 'cz I love eye-makeup ♥) so I posted Rimmel London Extra Super Lash Mascara & Soft Kohl Review this week. :)

Moving on I'm in love with coral red colour these days, even though it's more of a spring colour! I want everything coral from lips to nails! :| and that explains my coral toesies and Rosette Nail Art Tutorial that I posted yesterday! (Flattered by all the compliments I'm getting on them! n_n)

Lastly, I uploaded a new profile picture on all my social networking accounts 'cause I love my Teddy (Coco) ♥

What did you do this week? :)


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DIY Rosette Nail Art




Step 1. Apply a base coat of your choice. Light pastel shades are preferable but I'm wearing Visions Fast and the Furious Skydive Nail Polish.


Step 2. Dip a toothpick in a blob of red nail polish and draw irregular circles on your nails. These will be the base of your rosettes.


Step 3. Dip a toothpick in a blob of black nail polish and roughly outline the red irregular circles after they have dried. In the center draw two small curves in yin-yang style to add further detail.

Step 4. Now dip a tooth pick in green nail polish and draw the leaves on the sides of your rosettes. [I didn't have green nail polish so I made my own by scraping off some green eye-shadow and mixing it in a blob of clear nail polish.] Once dried, seal in your design with a top coat.

Hope you liked this post! :)

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Rimmel London Super Lash Mascara & Soft Kohl; Kajal Eye Liner Pencil Review

Rimmel London Super Lash Mascara & Soft Kohl Review (

Today I'm posting a quick review of Rimmel London's Extra Super Lash Mascara and Soft Kohl.

Extra Super Lash Mascara:
I've been using Rimmel London's Extra Super Lash Mascara for a considerable time and I love it! It has a creamy consistency which is good as it doesn't harden on my eyelashes after drying (unlike some brands) and that way it doesn't break my lashes after a long day of wearing it. Now we know, Rimmel's mascaras have a reputation of being clumpy and I won't say that this doesn't clump at all, it does a wee bit unlike the claims of super lash separation on it's tube but that's okay because I don't mind slightly clumpy lashes and maybe it's just me doing something wrong in application :/. Anyways, this is a lash building mascara which gives a very dramatic look and its curved brush (as shown on its cap {see pic}) provides the ease of application and a proper lift to lashes. This product also claims to be suitable for sensitive eyes which is a plus point and I believe it to be true as I've never got any eye rashes or anything after using this, though I am not sure if my eyes are sensitive like my skin. :P

Soft Kohl; Kajal Eye Liner Pencil:
Rimmel London's kohl pencil is a favourite because it glides on easily on my eyelids though this is not for lining waterline. It is not super pigmented yet build-able, which is a good thing for me because it's a pain to take off super pigmented make-up at the end of the day. It doesn't stay on for long though, easily smudges and requires touch up after a couple of hours.

Hope you enjoyed this post :)

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DIY Origami Penguin

DIY origami penguin (

DIY origami penguin requirement (

DIY origami penguin tutorial (

DIY origami penguin step 1 (

DIY origami penguin step 2 (

DIY origami penguin step 3 (

DIY origami penguin step 4 (

DIY origami penguin step 5 (

DIY origami penguin step 6 (

DIY origami penguin step 7 (

DIY origami penguin READY (

Hope you liked this post :) x
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My Hand-made Cards

As a young girl, I always wanted to give something special to my family on days like Mother's day, Father's day, birthdays etc but what?! was the only issue. I couldn't buy them gifts because I was too young to go out on my own and it wouldn't have been a surprise for them otherwise. So, I had to put on my thinking cap and just be creative.

 Therefore, since my early years I have been making cards and other stuff for my family and friends. I believe gifting people something that you've made yourself makes it more special.

Below I'm displaying some of my recent hand-made cards with their description. I hope you like them and feel inspired :)

Remember, there's ALWAYS something you can do for those whom you hold close to you! :)

Full Size Birthday Card by Jadirah Sarmad (

I made this full size card out of purple cardboard and white crepe paper for my best-friend's 19th birthday last year. I know the doodle I did with crayon on the top looks silly but I couldn't "undo" it later!

Birthday Card by Jadirah Sarmad (

I made this card for my another best-friend's 19th birthday last year. I used red crepe paper to make those spirals in different sizes and stuck them on with glue.

Farewell Card by Jadirah Sarmad (

I made this card  for a friend of mine who left for a university out of city. Except for the heading, everything else on the cover is glitter work. This looks quite simple but things got very messy when I was working on it.

Anniversary Card by Jadirah Sarmad (

I made this card for my parent's anniversary in October in less than half an hour and that explains the shabby borders. I sketched the bride and groom on a piece of paper and then stuck their cut-out over a spring (it's not visible in the picture)

That's that, I hope you enjoyed this post! :)

p.s: handling crepe paper is not an easy task because it's just too delicate :/
and BTW occasionally I also write poems for my friends and family :)

Funky French Tips

First things first, next Saturday on-wards I'd be posting manicure ideas or tutorials each week! :)

However, this week I'm just sharing a manicure idea with you guys. This is rather simple and doesn't really need a tutorial but if you still need one, let me know by commenting below.

So here we go, recently I decided to take traditional French Manicure up a notch and "funky-sized" it by replacing the White with Black and Hot Pink French tips. I think it looks pretty cool and can be sported with quite a few different outfits.

Funky French Manicure
Funky French Tips

Hope you liked it :) x

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My Fall Playlist

Now that I'm done with my aptitudes and patiently (read: desperately) waiting for the results, I'll be blogging more often :D

So, here is my Fall Playlist, though I'm not sure if this is how it'll stay all fall but currently this is what I'm listening to :)

this kiss, rolling stone, one more night, skyfall, sher khan, gangnam style
My Fall Playlist

1. One More Night - Maroon 5

2. Rolling Stone - Weeknd 

3. Sher Khan - Ahmed Siddiq

4. Gangnam Style - Psy

5. This Kiss - Carly Rae Jepsen

6. Skyfall - Adele

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One More Night - Maroon 5

One More Night - Maroon 5
One More Night - Maroon 5

Lately, I've been addicted to Maroon 5!! Just like how animals have a sixth sense about some natural disaster that is on its way and they move away well before time, something similar happened with me! Of course this was not the case, but before I even heard One More Night, I was already hooked to Maroon 5’s older tracks such as “Harder To Breathe” and “She Will Be Loved”. I am a HUGE Adam Levine fan already and I just LOVE Maroon 5. One More Night is such an amazing track and its lyrics are awesome. It’s a pop number strongly influenced with reggae. This is their second single from the album Overexposed.  The first one was “Payphone” FYI and their 3rd single “Daylight” will be released on 8th November! I’m so excited for it already and I’m hoping it’ll be as hit as the other two. J

Overexposed - Maroon 5
Overexposed - Maroon 5

If you haven’t listened to One More Night yet, GO!  HEAR IT RIGHT NOW!

I know I’m blogging months after its actual release but I’ve only heard it recently :/

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