It's My Blog's 1st Anniversary!

It’s been a whole year, and seriously it’s unbelievable as time just flew by! If you have stuck around for long enough, you probably are aware that I didn’t start off particularly as a beauty blogger. In fact, if you read my side bar, you can tell I’m not just a beauty blogger. It all started last year when I was sitting at home, preparing for aptitudes, got a little break from studies, started reading Sarah Dessen’s novel Just Listen, made a long lists of inspirational quotes from the book, texted all my bookworm buds and finally decided to share it with the world. It clicked to me then why not start a blog? Therefore,my first ever blog post was 'Just Listen - Sarah Dessen'.

NUSTians' Time In Russia

Engineers of the Future Flag
Этот пост посвящается всем моим русским друзьям и последователям! Я люблю Россию! ♥

On Way To Russia: Transits in Dubai & China

Today's post is actually a lifestyle post on a small trip around a few places in Asia. However, this wasn't my trip, instead my brother's, nonetheless I thought you guys might like to see and know a little more about those places if you like travelling. As there is quite a lot to cover, I'm posting the whole trip in a small three part series, so today's post is all about their transits and the next one would be about their time in Russia and the final part would be on the souveniers.

This year Russian Engineering Union (REU) invited students from School of Chemical & Materials Engineering (SCME) of the National University of Science & Technology (NUST), Pakistan, along with students of renowned universities from around the world to attend the Engineer's of the Future Conference held at Irkutsk region, Russia. My brother being a student of SCME at NUST was the part of the delegation consisting of four students, Qassam Sarmad, Moiz Butt, Nadia Naseer and Maryam Adhami, along with a professor, Sir Nadeem Ehsan.

Dubai International Airport

My Birthday Haul!

This post is coming in super late as my birthday was back in June, but I couldn't really celebrate at that time due to exams and therefore kept on receiving gifts all through June and July. In fact, the latest one came in August from my best friend forever, who was looking to buy me something that I would actually like, and I must say it was totally worth the wait! ♥

This was an early birthday gift from my parents, and if you follow me on twitter, you might remember how crazy I was going for Lumia back in April and May! Absolutely love it and have a yellow cover too! :)

Lumia 520
Lumia 520 - Displaying my birth date and time.

Etude House BB Bright Cream Review

I was quite fascinated by the Garnier BB cream initially and had thought about getting my hands on it, but after reading such mixed reviews, I just got double minded and couldn’t decide. I asked around, and one of Etude’s BB cream (not this one) came up as a suggestion. Knowing that Etude House is a Korean brand and Asian BB creams are known to be the best around, I read a few reviews and was ready to give it a try as it seemed quite promising.

Eid: Outfit and Yummy Delights

Hi Butterflies!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! :)

Eid is now officially over, but it still only is the fourth day of eid for many of us, and luckily enough I have another week off before second semester at uni kicks in. ;) I'm so relieved as I ain't ready to go back yet! :D
There are just so many posts that I have to write, and I'm so excited as I have a lot to share with you guys!

However, coming to today's post, here is a glimpse of my main Eid outfit, though I didn't wear it all the time due to the hot weather, but I've got 4-5 weddings to attend this August starting today and I'll be wearing it in one of the events too along with loads of other evening outfits hanging around in my closet.

Eid outfit from Exclusive

Saturday Nail Tutorial: Independence Day Tape Manicure

Hi Butterflies,

It's second day of Eid here, and I hope you're all enjoying! ;) I'll be doing an Eid post too but next week. :)

Saturday Nail Tutorial: Independence Day Tape Manicure

Mini Makeup Haul

Sorry for the lack of appearance this week but tomorrow's Eid here and there was a lot of running around to do for preparation. Anyways, here are a few things that I picked up recently from supermarket and wanted to share with you lot. Two of the things here are off my Summer Wishlist! <3

Saturday Nail Tutorial: Chundri Inspired Nail Art

Hi guys, just a quick notice, my university would resume soon and I'll get busier as the semester proceeds so I might not be able to post nail tutorials every Saturday but I'll try to blog about any other nail related thing on Saturdays like nail polish reviews so in that case it'll be called 'Saturday Nail Talk' instead of 'Saturday Nail Tutorial' but you'll get both of them from time to time!

Saturday Nail Tutorial: Chundri Inspired Nail Art

Moving on, today's nail tutorial is inspired by 'chundri' which is basically a tie and dye pattern on eastern fabrics. I actually had a different tutorial planned for today, but I thought it might be too early for that so I had to switch it all at the last moment. Anyways, cool are we? Lets get started.

Apricot Scrubs Showdown!

I was to write a review on St. Ives Apricot Scrub, but considering that it has already been reviewed multiple times, I decided to do a comparison between my previous scrub which was Freeman Facial Creamy Scrub in Apricot flavour and my current scrub which is St.Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub.

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