Back From Exams & Onto Bloglovin' :)

Hi butterflies! :)

I'm through with my mids and now back to blogging! ;)
I really hope I score minimum 80% and if it has to get really bad than 70% but nothing less than that! It's so difficult to score in a 10 marks midterm exam, -_- , but atleast now I know how exams go about in university.

Anyways, I feel as if I have been away for too long because on returning what I'm discovering is this disheveled blog world (well sort of!). Firstly, I need to get all my future blog posts sorted out and organised and secondly no more google reader so no more GFC (probably)?! I'm sure by now you all are aware that google is getting rid of google reader in coming July as it isn't very popular, so people are guessing GFC won't be functional without it either, but you never know. Google probably would come up with some alternative. However, since there is no surety as to what exactly will happen, bloggers have started to sign up to Bloglovin' and other such platforms to keep track of their favourite blogs and to give their own followers a GFC replacement.

Many bloggers had had Bloglovin' and other such accounts way before this issue emerged, probably because they wanted to give their blog more exposure. I had thought of it back then but I didn't want to juggle between accounts. Anyhow, with the current situation, it's better to be safe than sorry, so here's my Bloglovin's link. Follow me butterflies on Bloglovin now and leave me your own links so that we can stay in touch! Note that Bloglovin also allows you to import all your google reader blogs in one go!

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Moving on, look what I found on facebook this weekend! :D

That surely would be my child! :P

This is absolutely spot on!

Ok, now getting back to serious, I'm not sure if I should share this or not as this is a bit personal but every prayer might make a difference. This past Wednesday my aunt had a brain hemorrhage and well the doctor has made it clear that there is no hope. However, I'm not losing hope yet because he is a human after all and his verdict might not be 100% true, it all still is upto God, and I pray that she recovers soon. I'd be really grateful if you all could just pray for her.

Thank you for reading! Happy Sunday! Have a great week ahead! xo

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Ombré Eyes

Hi Butterflies, I hope you are all doing well.

This week once again I participated in Aqeela's Weekly Make-up Tag and the theme this time was Ombré.

Ombré Eyes by Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

I created a subtle smoky ombré look with the following make-up:
1. Karaja Cover Excel Concealer
2. Glamorous Face 48+48 Eyeshadow Palette
3. Rimmel London Soft Kohl; Kajal Eyeliner Pencil
4. Color Studio Pro Dip Waterproof Eyeliner in 002 Jet Black
5. Rimmel London Super Lash Mascara
6. Christine Purple Eye Pencil
7. The Color Institute Shimmer Cream

Ombré Eyes by Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ (without flash)

I hope you guys like the lighting and the picture quality as well as the make-up! Sorry, if I sound too self-critical but I believe on the whole the look didn't quite turn out exactly the way I wanted it to be, because I am not sure if you'll really call it ombré as the black and especially the dark purple aren't as much there as the light pinkish-purple, also I wanted the inner corner to be a few shades lighter but I couldn't really point these things out myself before looking at the pictures. When I did this I was pretty happy with how it turned out and I still am but there's surely room for improvement. I don't claim to be a professional so I think that's justified at the moment.

Head over to Aqeela's 25th Weekly Make-up Tag for everybody else's look. There's a lot of pink and purple there too! :P

Let me know if you find the pictures too in-the-face, I'll decrease the size, I just thought they look better this way.

Apart from this, I had to post a Collective Haul in two parts, an NOTD and a review but I have my mids starting next week and I don't have any of the posts prepared, so I'll be away for a while now because I've got 7 subjects this semester and this is my first one so I'm nervous as I don't know how things work about in university when it comes to marking because every teacher isn't the same and they have their own rules and stuff unlike when we had board exams. Anyways, I promise to return back to blogging as soon as my exams end, till then take care!

Much Love! XO

Eyeshadow Wishlist #03 feat. Sugarpill

Hey guys, I know this is getting a bit too far now. It seems as if I have a never ending eye-shadow wishlist but oh well, blame the brands that make such awesome products!

Eyeshadow Wishlist #03 feat. Sugarpill

So, this lovely girl named Hanna Majava from Makeup by Hanna has totally gotten me head over heels in love with Sugarpill’s eye-shadows! These are the most pigmented and vibrant eye-shadows that I have ever seen in my entire life!! Hanna uses these in addition to Lime Crime cosmetics (who knows another wishlist might pop up!) A LOT and let me tell you, she is the dopest blogger I know when it comes to themed makeup. I found her through Aqeela’sWeekly Makeup Tags and I’m so glad I did. You must check her blog out. She does tutorials too!

Coming back to Sugarpill cosmetics, you might like to know that they do vegan makeup too and most of the eye-shadows that I have picked are vegan. Apart from this, Sugarpill also has a good range of dramatic eyelashes. Go to their website for more on that.

Here are my picks from Sugarpill eyeshadow range:

Eyeshadow Wishlist #03 feat. Sugarpill, Burning Heart
Burning Heart: (Top Left to Bottom Right) Flamepoint, Buttercup, Love+, Poison Plum

Eyeshadow Wishlist #03 feat. Sugarpill, Mochi
Eyeshadow Wishlist #03 feat. Sugarpill, Midori
Eyeshadow Wishlist #03 feat. Sugarpill, Acidberry
Eyeshadow Wishlist #03 feat. Sugarpill, Velocity
Eyeshadow Wishlist #03 feat. Sugarpill, Decora
Eyeshadow Wishlist #03 feat. Sugarpill, Tiara
Eyeshadow Wishlist #03 feat. Sugarpill, Magpie
Eyeshadow Wishlist #03 feat. Sugarpill, Royal Sugar
Royal Sugar

I don’t think these are available in Pakistan so I’ll definitely be asking my relatives abroad to bring me these whenever they pay me a visit.

In case you have missed them, check out my previous two wishlists here:
1. My Eye-shadow Wishlist
2. Eyeshadow Wishlist #02 feat. Wet n Wild Trios
(I’ve added links to as many of the listed products as I could find.)

Anymore Eye Makeup Suggestions? :P

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post.

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