Gemini: The Twins {General Misconceptions, Sign Associations and Gift Ideas}

The month (21/05/2014 - 21/06/2014) of the twins has begin and I had been requested to do a post about this zodiac sign since I myself am a Gemini, so here it is! ;) But first, let me make it clear that I absolutely respect your opinion and whatever you believe regarding astrology so please do not hold anything against me. I personally do believe in astrology as it is like science to me and makes sense! However, I do not follow it too closely as just the zodiac sign does not affect ones personality, there are other aspects in the birth chart too which can be overpowering.

General Misconceptions:

So let's begin with a few general misconceptions about Geminis and I'll try my best to defend my lot by telling you how it really is being a Gemini! :D

1) Two-Faced: It is very widely believed that Geminis are two faced people, but trust me, it is taken in an absolutely wrong way! We aren't two faced in the general meaning of 'two-faced', rather we have two sides to our personalities. By that I mean we aren't someone who will say something on your face and say something else about you behind your back. Rather, I mean that it's like we have two opposite sides as in two totally different personalities existing within a single body! I know it sounds crazy but if you are a Gemini yourself, I'm sure you can relate and I'm sure you often battle with your own thoughts as you are intelligent enough to always come up with a counter argument for your own argument.

The Dweeb & The Dude
2) Social Butterfly: Yes, we tend to flip through friends quickly, but that's only because we like to be on the go and expect people to keep up with our pace or else we get bored easily. It's not like we don't make good friends or do not try, in fact we are very loyal to people and are there in times of need, but it's just that we don't keep people in our 'friend-testing-mode' for long. We aren't too keen to bear the drama and move on quite easily, therefore, expect others to do the same. Don't talk to us about yesterday's diorama because we dwell in the present. We'll hang out and chill with just about everyone as we easily get along with people, but if you aren't up our alley, we'll fly away next day without notice, yet we'll still be cool to see you any other time. In short, we do make loads of friends but are only close to just a few, saving ourselves time and tears.

Gemini Associations:

Symbol: Twins
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Day: Wednesday
Element: Air
Metal: Mercury
Birth Stone: Agate
Colours: Yellow and White
Flower: Lily of the valley
Numbers: 2, 5 and 9
Body Parts: Lungs and Limbs

Gift Ideas for Gemini:

Most of you must have numerous Geminis in your lives and it can often get difficult to pick a gift for people, especially if you do not know them too well or have ran out of ideas. Well, one thing to assure you is that no matter what you pick for your Gemini, they'll most probably like it as Geminis are the most versatile people of all the zodiac signs.

However, if you really want to get their fancy, present them something thoughtful. Geminis are really into everything mind-related and oh let's not forget how much they love to communicate. Books and communication gadgets like cell phones, tabs etc, always make an ideal gift for a Gemini. Get them a book club membership and that might prove be there heaven on earth. You can gift them a musical instrument too, that will be thoughtful of you as music is a beautiful form of communication itself and Geminis like to learn new skills.

Apart from that Geminis like to keep themselves up-to-date and groomed so anything on trend will make a perfect gift too. Furthermore, young at heart, you can always make a Gemini smile by surprising them with something from their childhood. It can be a stuff toy or a cake of their favourite cartoon character since it doesn't always have to be something mature or prissy!

I did tweet and ask other Geminis that what would they like to receive as gifts in general and most people agreed with phones and books, but some good ideas included tickets to some play or concert or even another place (city/country) since Geminis love to travel. You may even get them a relaxing day at spa for Geminis are always super active and busy, not only physically but mentally too!

If you are willing to take things to a whole new level, gift them something multi-purpose or convertible as it'll suit their nature. It can be something as simple as a shirt that can be worn two ways or one of those perfumes and cosmetic bits which come off different on everybody or change their fragrance/outcome with mood/temperature.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Massive shout-out to my real life unrelated-long-lost twin, Shamvil Anwer! :D Check out his photography page here. He's amazing and I vouch that you'll fall in love with his work! Don't forget to drop some likes! ^^

This is just a fun, light-hearted post, so not to be taken too seriously! All opinions mentioned in this post are of my own or whatever I have come to learn over the years through various astrological studies. I by no means am a professional in the field.

Love yourself for who you are and a very Happy Birthday in advance to all my people! :)


  1. I agree with your take on geminis.My sister is one and we are great friends :) well most of the times.Geminis are a fun,upbeat and interesting lot.She has the habit of book reading,loves to travel likes to stay updated abt new trends so yeah you summed it up in a superb way.About the two faced part other sister uses the misconception as an allegation it to drive the gemini sister up the wall. **winks**

    1. Glad that you liked the post! ^^ Haha, glad that my brother doesn't, though I don't get mad easily either! :D

  2. Really enjoyed reading this post and the funny thing is that I don't even know a single person who is gemini....:P

  3. I love to travel yesss......I am a Gemini too ;)

  4. Gemini's are just fabulous!
    Parie xx


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