It's My Blog's 2nd Anniversary!

Around this time last year, my life was a totally different scenario. I have been so much more busy for the past year and I'm proud that I still managed to keep up with my blog. Alhumdulilah, I have been able to upgrade to my own blog domain along with better content, photography, layout, and traffic much more consistently than ever. I thank you all for sticking by as your support really keeps me going! I'm glad to announce that there are heaps of blogging projects I have been juggling with lately which only means that you will be getting more quality content in the near future! I also wish to arrange a milestone giveaway, as I have been hitting many, but I am a bit caught up with the university, work, social and family life at the moment. It is very crazy, but I have a giveaway on my to-do list so let me know what's on your wishlists! :D

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Love you, butterflies! Stay blessed and choose wisely! :*


Sweet Touch England Lipstick 761 Matte | Review and Swatch

Sweet Touch England Lipstick 761 Matte | Review and Swatches
Sweet Touch England Lipstick 761 Matte - 270 PKR*
As soon as I twisted up and swatched Sweet Touch England Lipstick 761 Matte, I was like 'Whoa! This shade looks so similar to Lime Crime's Babette!', google that and you'll know what I'm talking about. 761 (I wish it had a proper name!) is a nude peachy-coral shade with warm, bright undertones which makes it a little rebellious than an ordinary nude. I personally steer clear of nudes because I don't find most of them flattering on my own complexion and style. The only nudes that I'd ever pick would ideally be on a warm pink scale, but this clearly was different with a bold twist. I was never much of a lipstick wearer and as surprising as it may sound, this lipstick somewhat influenced my makeup routine as I have been wearing lipsticks a lot more in general now. I am so in love with this shade, it is fairly pigmented but I don't usually wear it to its full opacity as it may look very eye-popping for everyday use. So, what I like to do is that I blend it lightly by pursing my lips and with my finger to the point where it looks like 'my lips but better'. You can see me wearing it here.

Catrice Gel Eye Liner - 020 It's Mambo Nr.2 | Review and Swatches

Catrice Gel Eye Liner 020 It's Mambo Nr.2 Review and Swatches

Catrice Gel Eye Liners have this reputation of being super creamy and lasting in the pot without drying for ages unlike most gel liners that too under an affordable price tag. I have been trying out this product for about a year now and there's a reason why it took me so long to review (read on to find out), but now that I finally sat down to write down my final thoughts, I got to know that Catrice discontinued it last year just around the time I had bought it! There were 5 shades available, named '010 Black Jack', '020 It's Mambo Nr.2', '030 In Love With A Robot' and '040 Sherlock Khaki Holmes' and '050 Black Jack With Goldie Hawn'. However, from what I have gathered, Catrice have brought back their black gel liner under the label of 'waterproof', though I believe the previous formula was waterproof too as I was told so by the salesperson (don't trust them though!), in a similar packaging as the previous one, but renaming it '010 Black Jack with Jack Black'. Apparently, this is the only shade out at the moment but lets hope they eventually bring out more.

Black is a classic liner shade, but I love brown more and since 'gel formula' is considered the 'Queen' of the eye liner lot, and I had the chance of picking one from Catrice, which itself is considered the 'King' of the industry when it comes to gel liners, matching or in fact even beating multiple high end brands like Bobbi Brown as claimed by many, I HAD to get one in brown. Even when that brown in person wasn't exactly the shade I wanted and the terrible salesgirls ruthlessly dragged her useless brush dipped in a dried out pot on the back of my hand. -sigh- This is what happens when you set your heart out for something.. no matter what, you expect it to work out somehow. I sound like a hopeless romantic at this point, but I had actually swatched 010 Black Jack previously in store and had fallen in love with the formula and consistency, because it was a dream, exactly how everyone else had described it. So, yeah, we all usually have a bitter experience when the nasty salesperson is around and assuming that testers never get thrown away from local shelves, I had high hopes for my brand new gel liner pot.
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