February Favourites '15

February is one of my favourite months as around this time of the year we welcome spring and the weather is just pleasant. Now, that February is ending, I am a wee bit upset because the city will soon heat up and I will also get busier with my academics until summer vacations in late June. Anyhow, that is a never ending rant so go ahead and check out my edition of top favourites for the month of February.

Sisterhood of the World Tag

I have been tagged THRICE by now to answer a total of THIRTY questions for the Sisterhood of the World Tag and before I end up collecting any more, I better answer! ;)

My Favourite Eye Liner Hack

Gel Liner Hack

Last week while getting ready for university, I contemplated going through the whole hassle of liquid liner. Opened my vanity drawer to go through my options and found my Catrice Gel Liner sitting there for months now. I reviewed it last year and in case you aren't aware, apparently I got a defected dried out pot. So, even though I had planned of chucking it in the microwave to make it work, I never really got around doing that (more on it later). Nonetheless, I decided to give it a go after a long while BUT I had something else on my mind this time. Like DOH! Why else would I bother with a somewhat dried gel liner when I wasn't ready to deal with a liquid liner early morning?!

MAC Ruby Woo Giveaway! (CLOSED)

MAC Ruby Woo Giveaway!

A couple months back I had promised to do a MAC Giveaway once I hit 1000 likes on my Facebook page and when that happened, I asked my readers what would they like to win from MAC. Most of the ladies answered Ruby Woo and here it is. ;)

Midweek Weekend Done Right at Coral Salon & Spa

Coral Salon & Spa

Thursday turned out to be a very stressful day due to some rat-a-tat at home and leakage of our car's radiator, but thanks heavens for Coral Salon & Spa, I got the chance to unwind on my mid-week weekend. Yep, you read that right. This semester my Wednesdays are half-days and Thursdays are off so I put on my weekend mood a little bit early. ;) Coral Salon & Spa launched in DHA Phase 6, Karachi, only a couple weeks back on 7th February 2015 and even though Tayyaba Hasan had invited me whole-heartedly to visit them for a bloggers meetup on the launch day, I couldn't make it. Nonetheless, I was kindly offered to visit any time and so I went in this week.

Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts in Blushing Heart | Review and Swatches

Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts in Blushing Heart Review and Swatches
Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts in Blushing Heart - 850 PKR*
Happy Valentine's Day ladies and gentlemen! :) Going along the mood of the way I decided to review Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts in the shade Blushing Heart from their I ♡ Makeup Collection.

Celebrate Valentine's Day With Scentsation

Celebrate Valentine's Day With Scentsation

On Friday, 6th February 2015, the Karachi Bloggers were yet again welcomed by Scentsation for sharing what they have in the bag for Valentine's Day this year round. Even though they have been spreading love for past 5 years with all sorts of lovely presents, this time Scentsation has decided to go all out by ditching their usual image and throwing in full on wackiness and desi-ness to get everybody in the festive mood! Their Tagline 'Love is an art which comes from the heart' is still sober but wait till you scroll down to find out what really is the Twenty-Fifteen "scene".

The Body Shop Chocomania Mini (Heart Shape) Soap | Review

The Body Shop Chocomania Mini Soap Review

My best friend sent me a pack of The Body Shop Chocomania Mini Soaps on my birthday in 2013 which I did share in a haul post back then. It seems like ages already, but I only used one out of four at that time and have been saving the rest for review! Took one out again recently from my refrigerator. Yes, refrigerator as the soap contains Brazil Nut and Babassu oils, some of which had leaked in the package during shipment. So I threw the packaging away, wrapped them all in tissue and stored in another container in the fridge as apparently they can't stand high temperatures.

Freeman Goji Berry Hydration Mask Review

Freeman Goji Berry Hydration Mask Review

Freeman Goji Berry Hydration Mask was featured in my January Favourites, but I have actually had this for a long time. In fact, I bought this and the Freeman Dead Sea Minerals Mask at the same time but while I had higher expectations from it bearing my skin needs in mind, it greatly disappointed me back then. Unlike any mask I ever tried before, this is a white gel that goes clear on the skin and isn't even a peel off kind. It just dries and you are supposed to wash it off just like that. While, the results with Dead Sea Minerals were evident, I never noticed any good this mask did to my skin after once a week usage.

Love Expressions by Sweet Touch (Limited Edition Nail Polish Set)

Love Expressions by Sweet Touch (Limited Edition Nail Polish Set)
Love Expressions by Sweet Touch (Limited Edition Nail Polish Set) - 670 PKR*
If you follow me on my social media, you might be aware that I am already excited for Valentine's Day even though I am not either Pro or Anti (obviously!) Valentine. It's just that with the spring prevailing, this is my favourite time of the year and if you have been on Pinterest lately, you would agree how cute all the DIYs and festive treats are! ♥.♥ I had been ranting how I wished we had cute Valentine's ranges launched here in Pakistan too and just in time this Limited Edition nail polish set popped in my mail from Sweet Touch England, called Love Expressions.

Meet My Fab February Advertisers

I finally set up my own advertising page at the end of January and I have got 3 awesome packages for bloggers with a total of 6 sidebar slots while 2 handy ones for brands and businesses with a total of 3 sidebar slots. I am offering the lowest possible prices for the special privileges which will ensure your maximum exposure, with a further reduction at the moment for promotional purposes! You can check out my Advertising Page for details. I want to make it clear that previously I was entertaining blog buttons in my sidebar permanently in exchange of my own blog button, however now that I have limited slots, there will be no more permanent ones. The bloggers who are already in my permanent space will still stay there under the Fellow Bloggers label unless they retire from blogging or wish to remove my button from their own blogs. Nevertheless, if you are still up for a free button swap, I have a special package called Love Spread which you can book on a monthly basis! ;) Also, you can avail further discounts on multi-month bookings for other packages! What more could you desire?
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