Super Last Minute Halloween Makeup

It's Halloween already and I can't believe I couldn't post the looks I have been doing any earlier. This just has been such a busy week for me and it isn't still over. Anyways, here are the two looks I did a while ago which would pass as last minute Halloween ideas. Both of them are super easy so if you give them a go, do share your photos with me on Instagram. 

7 Deadly Sins Halloween Makeup on Gluttony

Look #01: Gluttony 

Inspired by the 7 Deadly Sins, I based this look on Gluttony! It is kind of cutesy and at the same time appropriate for this time of the year. I actually found a photo on Pinterest as an inspiration and then recreated the look with my own touch. The cupcake on my left eye is what I picked up from that image. The detailing can take some time but other than that even if you are a beginner like me you can get away with chocolate dripping down your mouth. All of it is just makeup, coloured liners and eyeshadows mainly! If you want to know specifically what products I used for a certain bit, ask me in the comment section. 

Meet My Otherworldly October Advertisers!

Alas! Enjoying the sudden chill in the air and spooky October with Halloween getup all across the social media, aren't we? I sure am and now the time is right to get to know my Otherworldy (just kidding!) October advertisers closely! They have been hanging around in my sidebar all month long and I am sure you are already familiar with them by now. It has been a pleasure to have them on board as each of them is a darling and their blogs are great enough to inspire us all in many ways! 

Say hello, follow them around and tell them I sent you! ;) 

Disney Halloween Makeup: Scar

Lion King Scar Makeup

For years and years having a mere flashback of Mufasa being pushed down the cliff by Scar teared me up. I am not much of a TV viewer and the only Disney movies close to my heart are the really old school ones. So, when Maliha from Pakistan Beauty Society came up with this Halloween activity for us bloggers with a list of themes, Disney being on the top, I had to pick Lion King as my favourite. Now I do still love Mufasa and Simba but Taka, or better known as Scar, with time just makes so much more sense to me. Also, well, I have always longed for a scar on my eyebrow too and now that I think about it maybe it really was Scar from my childhood feeding my subconscious for I find scars mysteriously attractive.

A Strong Woman – A Beautiful Woman!

Hello my Loves,

Today’s post holds a lot of significance for me for two Primary Reasons:

1. I happen to have the privilege of doing a “guest post” on the Internationally Recognized “Jasmine Catches Butterflies”, owned by the very well known, to us all, Jadirah Sarmad.

2. Allah has granted me a platform, out of the blue, to voice my opinion, on a subject of Supreme Significance to Women,  belonging to any Class, Color, Creed, Race &/or Religion. Not to mention, that personally I do not believe in these man-made divisions.

Get Set Fall With Sweet Touch England

Sweet Touch England Fall Collection
Sweet Touch England Fall Makeup
PR Samples*
The sweltering summer isn't still quite over in Karachi and even though it did get slightly cool earlier, the thermometers are once again bursting. Nonetheless, we are already in the mood to embrace fall just for the cosiness and to get us headed in that direction Sweet Touch England has recently launched a new range of lipsticks and makeup.

You might have already seen the cute photos of the invitation, giveaway goodies and brownies on the social media, which were exclusively given to the Karachi beauty bloggers at a meetup held at the New York Coffee cafe in September. Just in case you missed them, check out my Facebook page and Instagram, before we dig into the goodies I received.

First of all, let's just take a moment to appreciate how adorable the mini cage filled with makeup products looks! Sweet Touch did really well on the creative front this time. I was lucky to get two of their new matte lipsticks, a lip liner pencil, an eye liner pencil and a liquid liner. I have been testing them out for a while now and here are my thoughts on them.

Wearable Black Smoky Eyes for Halloween

Wearable Black Smoky Eyes for Halloween

Before we go rash and rabid, I wanted to give you guys something wearable to rock this Halloween. So for a more sophisticated look for formal gatherings while still playing the fall and spooky cards, I decided to do a cult classic black smoky eye look. This is fairly simple and you won't even end up looking like a raccoon. I have already worn it three to four times in the past couple of weeks and I am obsessed. The photographs do no justice to the actual impact of this look and too bad the close-ups didn't turn out very well either, but just follow the instructions closely and you will do great on your own.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipsticks

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipsticks

Warning you in advance that this is a photo heavy post, but I hope you would still be delighted by looking at all the swatches of these drool-worthy Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipsticks! The whole range comprises of 20 shades, most of which are wearable and some come in matte and cream versions. On the whole, the collection has a variety of beige/nudes, reds, pinks and purples. I have 6 shades to show you, out of which 3 are matte, but they are available in their normal versions too. In this post you will be seeing; Game of Mystery (Matte), Duel (Matte), Propoganda (Matte), Looking Ahead, We Were Lovers and Not in Love.

Maybelline Master Drama Ultra Black Khol Liner

Maybelline Master Drama Ultra Black Khol Liner

Over the past couple weeks I have been complimented on my eye liner more than usual so it is about time I share with you guys why Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner in Ultra Black has been the centre of attention. We have discussed this before and I am sure you will all still agree that here in South Asia we go through kajal/khol liner very quickly since it is one makeup bit that is a dominant part of our culture. I myself have tried numerous options available in the markets including Maybelline's own Extra Black Colossal Kajal and I was intrigued by the whole of their new Master Drama range that came out a few months ago. Everything, other than the khol even seems promising and whatever I have tried so far has turned out to be great in quality. 

Strength of Your First 1000 Days!

Start Healthy, Stay Healthy
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'Health is wealth', 'prevention is better than cure', cliched? Right, but for a reason. We have been hearing health tips over and over, yet we hardly implement them in our routines. What excuse do we even have? None. It's just that with time we have forgotten and failed to realize the underlying importance of what our grandmas have been trying to pass down.

It's My Birthday. Again! Haul ft. NYX and more!

NYX and MUA Products

It's my birthday, once again. I don't know about you, but I celebrate my birthday twice a year since I follow both, Hijri and Gregorian calendars. That seems odd to many, but I wouldn't let go a chance of celebrating life so even though nobody else in my family celebrates their birthday twice, I do. According to the Christian calendar, my birthday was on 4th June, which has already passed this year, but according to the Islamic calendar, my birthday is today, on 22nd of Zilhajj.

So, I got myself some stuff, not really as birthday presents, but now that they are here, why not label the splurge? Crossing items off my wishlist, I am quite pleased with my haul this time. Most of these items are what I purchased from after eyeing NYX on their website for a while now. They have been stocking and running out of their NYX stock quickly so in case you are interested in any of these, make sure to get hold of them before somebody else does.

Let's dig into my own haul!

Sigma Beauty F25 Tapered Face Brush

Sigma Beauty F25 Tapered Face Brush
Affiliate Sample*
I am sure you are not even surprised to see another Sigma Beauty brush on my blog since the brand is what my entire collection consists of. I was recently sent the Sigma Beauty Tapered Face Brush F25 and that made me quite excited as I had been wanting to get a dome/tapered brush like this myself. The reason being, brushes like these are great for overall face makeup application, covering and blending product on larger areas quickly.
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