Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box Treasure

Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box
Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box
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As a pizza enthusiast, nothing new in the name of pizza escapes my taste buds, you know. Recently, Pizza Hut came out with an innovative idea by bringing out their latest deal in the form of this Triple Treat Box that can feed up to 5 people.

The first story of the box has a lid while the other two can be opened up like a drawer. In this box, you get two regular size pizzas, 12 potato wedges, 6 chicken wings, 1 garlic mayo dip and 1 Hershey's cookie along with a 1.5-litre bottle of soft drink for a total of 1999 PKR exclusive of tax.

Bridal Shower That Swayed The Social Media

Sweet Touch England Bridal Shower Location: Orrery Restaurant
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Not too long ago, Sweet Touch England announced their Bridal Shower contest under the name of 'She Said Yes' campaign. It was one of the biggest Facebook giveaways of the year and was well received by the targeted audience. The lucky girl who won herself a grand bridal shower at Orrery restaurant was Sana Sultan, and Sweet Touch England ensured to give her a memorable day. 

Wrap Yourself in Style with Shamraf's (Fall Giveaway!)

Shamrafs Giveaway

I hate winter for my skin, but I love winter clothing apparel. It is so comforting and I am a fan of layering so it goes without saying how excited I feel for this giveaway sponsored by Shamraf's on my blog. I asked you all too on my Facebook and my heart swelled with joy to see your enthusiasm for this wonderful fall giveaway.

Shamraf's is a rising clothing line of Pakistan with a wonderful variety of designs and materials. In this giveaway, one lucky winner will be getting a three piece suit by Shamraf's. Please follow the instructions below carefully in order to enter.

To Enter

You can enter on my blog's Facebook page here.

Mandatory Entries:

1. Like my Jasmine Catches Butterflies Facebook page.
2. Like Shamraf's Facebook page.
3. Share this photo on your Facebook profile publicly.
4. Follow Shamraf's on Instagram.
5. Follow Shamraf's on Twitter.
6. Follow Jasmine Catches Butterflies via Bloglovin' and leave your profile link.
7. Comment 'Done' below the photo (on Facebook).

What the Pink?!

Jordana Lipsticks
Jordana Lipsticks (L-R): Poppy Pink, Raspberry
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If it weren't for the products sent to me for review, there would have been a lot that I would have skipped myself. Of course, in doing so I would have missed loads of stuff that I now love. So, thanks to Jordana Cosmetics and that I got to try Poppy Pink and Raspberry lipsticks from the brand. No surprise that I ran miles away from bold, bright pinks and only gravitated towards muted, rosy ones. I can brave reds out but for some reason I could never see myself rocking pinks until more recently. Though I am still always shy about wearing it in the broad daylight, the colour seems to have grown on me and I like it with my fancy eastern apparel. 

The Bridal Shower of Your Dreams

More than the wedding day itself, all the pre-wedding shenanigans are what make this special occasion memorable for everybody. From picking a colour palette that makes you to stand out, days of shopping sprees with mum and aunts, the gents of the house distributing invitation cards, dholki rehearsals with cousins to best friends arranging a bachelorette, everybody is just so involved. This is the time when family and friends come together for support and fun. However, news is, the popular makeup brand, Sweet Touch England wants to take up a role too in making this milestone even more special for you by arranging a fully sponsored bridal shower that would prove be LEGENDARY!

How? Why? Now, wait for it...

October Favourites '15

October Favourites

October this year went by in a weird way. A lot of doors opened for me but I was quite busy to enjoy life to its fullest. Nonetheless, I managed to like some of my new goodies including NYX stuff from my birthday haul. Sorry that I haven't been able to review them yet, but you can get an idea in today's post. Hang tight, I will try my best to post more reviews during November.
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