12th Karachi International Book Fair Haul

12th Karachi International Book Fair Haul
12th Karachi International Book Fair Haul
There are just so many things that I love about December! Don't you? I mean holidays, weddings and of course the Karachi International Book Fair (KIBF), where I get to load my cart with books, that too at discounted prices. I have attended all of the KIBFs ever till date and I hope this remains the case every year in the future as well. Even though I have so many unread books from my previous trips, mainly because university has kept me quite busy for the past four years, hopefully now that I am graduating, things will change.

Since the year I started blogging, I have been sharing my KIBF hauls, so of course, I am sharing what I bought this time too. First three halls are jam-packed with book stalls at Expo when the book fair hits Karachi, however, I mostly shop at Paramount and Liberty Books. In fact, this year these are the only two that I got all my books from. I have not bought as much as I have in the past because like I said I already have a lot left to read from previous fairs, and also most of the books that I wanted were out of stock.

3 Steps For A Flawless Base

3 Steps For A Flawless Base - Colour Correct, Powder, Apply Foundation
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You might have already heard that it all begins with a blank canvas and how it should be 'flawless' since the start. Let's be real, nothing is flawless and sometimes the flaws actually add to the personality. However, minimising distractions is the goal to bring attention to the most beautiful aspects. Not that there's anything wrong with anything (my brain would just not stop justifying everything it comes up with and counter-arguing, ugh). Anyways, in terms of makeup, for a flawless base, it is important to perfect the complexion in order to make your foundation look even.

Of course, the key is to take good care of your skin by focusing on a healthy diet and having a skin care regimen that keeps it clear. However, this more of a pre-requisite and something that you need to control over time. Now, I am no expert but I like to keep my own foundation routine quite simple. It helps me with my skin condition too (I have dermatitis, in case you are new here) and what's better than getting the job done in just 3 easy steps?

Gel Lip Patch And Sleep Mask - Do They Really Work?

Purederm Intensive Lip Care Gel Patch
Purederm Intensive Lip Care Gel Patch
There has been a surge of Purederm products in local supermarkets and most of them seem so intriguing that I just want to try them out for the sake of it. So a couple of months back, being a skin care junkie, I picked up an Intensive Lip Care Gel Patch and a Dual Step Aqua Sleeping Mask at Naheed. It has been a while since I have used them already but I just could not get around posting this review. Based on what I have seen online so far, the lip care gel patch was liked by quite a few people but I have not heard anything about the latter. So, the question is do they really work?

What's In My BAGS? (Handbag and Makeup Bag)

Handbag Essentials Rose Gal Brown PU Leather Weave Bags
Handbag Essentials
Rosegal Brown PU Leather Weave Bags*
I like to keep my hands free so while I loved carrying a matching purse with every outfit as a child, as an adult it is not my favourite thing to do. It has been a while since I last shared what I carry in my handbag and though I do not carry much now either, there are always handbag and makeup essentials that I do need to have on me at all times. I have made the mistake of going out without these two on numerous occasions and then regretted. A lot of people like seeing such 'What's In My Bag?' posts so I figured I will do an updated version too. In case you are curious about what I had shared previously, click here. That was more of a tag post by the way. 

5 Things I Do To De-stress On A Sunday

5 Things I Do To De-stress On A Sunday
Beauty Friends II Aloe Essence Sheet Mask*, Sally Hansen Hot Tamale Xtreme Wear Nail Color*
Rose Gal Triangle Alloy Cuff Bracelet*, Sigma Beauty Spa Express Glove* & Angled Kabuki F84
I just got done with exams and I am nearly through with my biomedical engineering degree (only final year project is left to be finished). Woot, woot! So, after a long and stressful week due to my finals where I barely slept, it is only fitting to slow down and pamper myself. I haven't been able to post for a while here either so I decided to share the five things that I do to de-stress on a Sunday!

1. Apply A Face Mask 

I have simplified my skin care routine a lot for the better and after a recent hike in my dermatitis, switching out things has helped my skin to stabilise since. I will share all the details of my new routine in-depth in another post as I know some of you guys want to see a proper winter care post. Anyways, one thing that I still love doing are face masks but I only do them every fifteen days usually.

After a busy week, nobody is in a mood for anything fancy and when I say de-stress, I really mean it. Therefore, I opt for sheet masks over mud masks on a day like this because they are a lot easier to work with. You just have to apply one on your face, sit back and relax for half an hour and you are good to go. There is no need to wash your face afterwards and personally washing off mud masks seems like a lot of effort to me which I am not always up for.
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