Blushing Bride - Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush Review and Swatches

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blushing Bride

Tarte, a brand which shot to popularity for its Amazonian clay blushes, had always been the one I closely kept up with with every new release in hopes of getting easy access in Pakistan some day and alas made it possible. My first purchase of course had to be their blush because that is what everybody has always raved about and I don't recall a single negative review. However, what you see on the internet rather than experiencing yourself can be quite different, mostly because of the way things are projected. 

11th Karachi International Book Fair Haul

Karachi International Book Fair is my most awaited event of the year and I have been able to attend all of the 11 held till date. This time around, it happened a bit early, that is in November 2015 rather than December but due to my finals and then an out of town trip I could not post my haul earlier. As usual, once inside, I went crazy, especially at Liberty books and loaded my baskets with dozens of books I have been wanting to read. While some of the books were suggestions, I bought most of the books from some of the popular authors as I feel there is still a lot for me to explore. 

End of Year Favourites - November and December Edition

End of Year Favourites - November and December Edition

So, 2015 was going really well in terms of blogging until I started slacking due to other engagements and academic load. I skipped November favourites as I hardly had a couple things to talk about and I know it is quite late within January, but now I do have a lot to talk about from the last two months combined.

1. Maybelline Lasting Drama Noir Black Gel Eyeliner 

Ever since I posted a photo of this on my social media as soon as I bought it, a lot of people wanted to know my views about it. So, I will be writing a detailed review but this is quite creamy, easy to work with and extremely black like most of you guys prefer.

Beauty Blender and Blender Cleanser Solid Review

Beauty Blender and Blender Cleanser Solid

Beauty blender, you are probably not seeing this for the first time, unlike my brother who laughed his head off on finding out that I got a sponge for over 2k ($20). This has been popular for as long as I have been in the blogosphere and even though initially I was on the fence about splurging on it because of all the hype, I finally gave in after watching top gurus still recommending it over the dupes. I also got the Blender Cleanser Solid for cleaning it, but more on that later.

Beauty Blender

From the first dab, my own Beauty Blender experience has been as good as anticipated. I really like how it blends base products evenly to the point where the finish looks natural rather than caked on. Using the sponge wet, seems to be the key as this is how the brand itself recommends to use it. Given its nature, the blender does absorb a lot of product but that is how it sheers it out. Over most of my foundation brushes, I actually prefer Beauty Blender but if I compare it to my beloved Sigma Beauty Angled Kabuki - F84, I would say the finish is quite similar, however, it is just a tad bit more satisfying for me to go in with Beauty Blender lately. Depending on the consistency of your product, this sponge can take longer than a brush but the results are worth it if you are going for a toned down, well-blended look.

The Era of Being Tech Savvy

Infinix Note 2 LTE
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Smartphones have quickly turned into a necessity for everyone for obvious reasons, and while they were hard to get hold of once upon a time, with sky-rocketing prices, they are now easily within the reach of a common man with brands like Infinix Mobility. I belong to the generation who has seen and used even the earliest form of mobile phones and it amazes me that a three-year-old can get the hang of a new smartphone faster than I do. Unlike, most people, I don't even see it as a negative thing if it is under parental vision as the advancements with time are commendable and it is because of the mental evolution of mankind.

Talking of advancements, after the success of Infinix HOT NOTE, the brand launched their latest offering, Infinix Note 2, in Pakistan just around the new year time. I personally love the slim look and am genuinely amazed at what it offers for the price. In a smartphone, I look for a good quality camera because as a blogger that is a huge requirement, but at the same time, everybody needs one now, thanks to Instagram and Snapchat. Furthermore, I want it to have a great battery life because I don't like charging my phone every 5 hours, so of course, it should also offer sufficient talk time, a fast RAM and a tremendous storage memory to begin with.

2015 Has Made Me Realize

It is always good to reflect and realize to learn better for the future rather than just brainlessly making new year resolutions with each passing year, right? Whether you stick to '18 till I die' or 'Age is just a number', we all go through transformations, little by little, over those very years we would like to hide. 2015, on the whole, was a good year for me, especially because I discovered more of myself and came out of it glorious. Here's how and why.

2015 has made me realize that...

I am a creature of habit.

Now, I don't really take pride in it but this is something that the past year made me realize. I gravitate a lot towards the same things repeatedly to the point where I am annoyed and reluctant to try something different. Also, I feel I am quite orthodox in my beliefs and I would like to change that now. I am not heavily opinionated but just like most people, I find it difficult to accept changes. You might think that how come is that a big deal, but the way I have been raised, it actually is, more so on a personal level.
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