Monthly Favourites: February Edition

Monday, 29 February 2016

Monthly Favourites: February Edition

I love knowing everybody's suggestions in monthly favourites and I enjoy jotting down my own all month long. When I am 90 or something, I am sure I would enjoy scrolling through my old blog posts and seeing what I used to like back in the day. Here is what I have fallen in love with this February and I would like to know your thoughts on them too.

1. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush - Blushing Bride 

I mentioned in my review that this isn't as pigmented as I expected it to be but I still like it for everyday wear and I was actually using it for subtle contouring during February. I know that might sound weird but it is a mauve pink so I like doubling it up that way. Have you ever tried a blush for contouring yourself? I suggest you should especially if you already have chiseled features.

Five Things I Love That I Didn't Know

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Bloggers Squad PK, the newest local blogging platform, came up with its first monthly tag to encourage blogging even more. Now, the topic 'Five Things I Love' is quite generic so we have the freedom to be creative with it. This blog post covers what I have learned about my own liking over the past few years. Even though they aren't surprising at all it is just that I didn't know until I started blogging, shopping, cooking and hearing people complain like when somebody said they don't like something and I thought but I totally do. I am sure you will be able to relate once you read through.

Dusty Rose Lipsticks
My lipstick heaven.
1. Dusty Rose Lipsticks 

Prior to blogging, I had tried and quit all sorts of glosses and lipsticks because I could never find my perfect match. It took a lot of trial and error to finally figure out that dusty rose makes an ideal neutral lip shade for me. Whenever I am to try a brand for the first time, I like playing safe by picking a similar shade so that I know it won't go to waste. Now even though I have a handful of these in my stash, I still get a good use out of each as I store them in a mug on my dresser and pick a different one every day.

Sigma Beauty Makeup is GAME

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Sigma Pink Makeup
SigmaBeauty Makeup
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Remember the time when Sigma only did brushes and they were all the rage until they started collaborating with YouTube gurus and even brought out eyeshadow palettes? The brand has since proved itself by always coming up with unique ideas and the year 2015 marked a fantastic evolution in terms of makeup ranges. The most noticeable range that brought in heaps of new releases came out in October, called Sigma Pink, which as you can tell was for breast cancer awareness.

The makeup in the collection is luckily here to stay and none of it was limited edition. Sigma Pink brought with it Aura Powder (face powder), Embellish Lash (mascara), Line Ace (eyeliner), Power Crayon (lip crayon), Power Stick (lipstick), Power Liner (lip liner) and even Lip Eclipse (liquid lipstick). From the name you might think that all of it must have been PINK but Sigma is a wise brand and while they do have a HOT PINK as the signature colour, each of those makeup categories mentioned house a variety of shades to choose from in order to please a wider audience.

Inglot Cosmetics Officially Launched in Karachi

Friday, 19 February 2016

Inglot Cosmetics
Look, look! All those colourful gel liners!
Inglot Cosmetics has been already around for a while in Pakistan, but last week they held an official launch in collaboration with Nishat at Dolmen Mall, Clifton, Karachi. At the event, everybody got a chance of swatching their range in person, and even shop at a discount of 14%. Now, as far as I remember I was first introduced to the Polish brand by a Puerto Rican blogger, Coco, who blogs over at The Beauty Milk. Over the years, Inglot has been popular for eyeshadows, gel liner, and pigments mainly and it resurfaced to fame for the breatheable O2M nail enamels later.

Ideas by Gul Ahmed New Collection: Digital Dreams Nautica

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Ideas by Gul Ahmed New Collection: Digital Dreams Nautica

Ideas by Gul Ahmed New Collection: Digital Dreams Nautica

Ideas by Gul Ahmed just came out with a maritime themed spring/summer collection called Digital Dreams Nautica which they officially launched last Thursday at the Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi. The name makes it self-explanatory that these digital prints reflect nautical designs and the shade range comprises of blue, green and even rustic with a pop of colour. 

Let's drool together! feat. Doritos Pizza

Monday, 15 February 2016

Pizza Hut Doritos Pizza
Pizza Hut Doritos Pizza
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Past 10 PM on a Monday night is not my idea of craving comfort food but the things one has to do for blog... Yeah, I drool myself over the pizza I had two days ago more than the people who curse me on my social media for tempting them over and over. You probably already saw the Crunch Party Pizza Hut had for promoting their latest and nearly ingenious sounding creation, the Doritos Pizza. I couldn't attend the event myself and stood up every soul who means something to me after promising a Doritos pizza date. However, I still got to devour this beauty on my own and even though it is too late to share a slice, I can still share what I thought of it.

Sheer Class Accessories Review & Giveaway

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sheer Class Accessories
Sheer Class Accessories
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For the longest of time, prior to makeup, I used to be a jewelry collector. I still remember how I had drawers and shelves filled with my accessories on my mum's dresser. However, with time, that passion faded and they were only being pulled out for occasions like weddings and eid. The reason being that most of my childhood stuff were too colorful and if not that then what I have left is all very heavy. I do love statement pieces but I am a very picky accessory wearer now and all you will ever spot me in is a watch and tiny ear studs that I always keep on so that my piercings don't close. Naturally, when my dear friend, Saadiah, who is also a blogger at Beauty Talk with Saadiah, told me about her new venture of Sheer Class Accessories, the creature of habit that I am I gravitated towards earrings more than anything.

I was being very modest with my choices but Saadiah was generous enough to send so much stuff for me and even you guys, but more on that later! ;) First let's take a look at what I got.

Olor Ultimate Freshness 24 Hours Active Deodorants

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Olor Ultimate Freshness 24 Hours Active Deodorants
Olor Ultimate Freshness 24 Hours Active Deodorants
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Olor recently added three new scents to their Ultimate Freshness range and they were kind enough to send me all. You know I am quite a fragrance freak so I was excited to try these and even slipped one in my university bag. The new deodorants are called Glamorous Gold, Vibrant Violet and Rosy Raspberry. I find the shape of the bottle quite chic and the splash of colour adds a fresh look just as the name suggests. The brand seems to be obsessed with fruity and floral scents as even the rest of their range revolves around these. So, in the broad view, all three scents are sweet, strong and feminine yet they differ from each other and can sketch out the natures of three totally different women.

#Bloglanders: Crossing Cultures

Thursday, 4 February 2016

After a wee hiatus, our chat, #Bloglanders has returned to Twitter and we have already had two sessions. Last week's topic was 'Crossing Cultures' and I had a fun string of questions lined up for our fellows to answer. Also, I had a great time socializing with you guys and was quite happy see some new faces. We have a new session EVERY FRIDAY at 10-11 PM Pakistan Time and I know it can be tough to remember amidst your routines so that is why I keep posting reminders on my social media. I would love to see more of you guys in tomorrow's chat and try being on time as a lot of people showed up around 11 last week and I wish we could have chatted for longer.

Anyhow, in case you missed our last chat, here is a round up for especially for you!

Monthly Picks - Jan '16

I regularly started posting my monthly favourites since last January and I have decided to stick to it because this is a good way of not only tracking what I have been enjoing but also using up products in my stash. Otherwise, I am a creature of habit who would go on using the same four products for the rest of her life and miss out on all the other goodness. I like to keep these posts quiet specific by only showing you all what I discovered and actually used throughout the month.

Let's jump right in!

1. Lush Ultrabland Cleanser 

I won this in a giveaway and you all know how stoked I felt since Lush is one brand I dearly wish officially launches in Pakistan soon now. I have been using this Ultrabland cleanser as a beauty balm for removing the bulk of my makeup and sometimes I leave it on for longer to absorb into my skin when it is flaky and extra dry. This smells soothing and I use mine cold as I keep it refrigerated so in the hot, humid Karachi it feels refreshing.

The Body Shop Oils of Life Facial Oil Review

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Body Shop Oils of Life Facial Oil
The Body Shop Oils of Life Facial Oil
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 Moisturisers make my world go round. Having a combination skin that turns reptilian on the cheek and nose area while breaking out mostly along the jaws once or twice a month, has always given me a tough time in balancing out my skin care products. Facial oils, though sounding extreme, have taken over the throne since the past few years and have proven to glorify nearly all skin types. The Body Shop Oils of Life Facial Oil is my first ever of its kind. Sure, I have been using organic coconut oil for a longer while but something specifically launched in the market as a beauty oil had to be given a shot as well. I have been eyeing whole of The Body Shop Oils of Life range but it is expensive so I was delighted to receive this facial oil in a goodie bag for myself.