Get Your Feet Summer Ready With Servis

Servis Summer Collection New In Stores!
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Servis is a brand that has stuck with me since my childhood and over the years I have been happy to see the brand grow. In the recent years, I am sure you would all agree that Servis has come up with such creative and catchy television commercials (TVC) and jingles that before you even know, you are humming it.

I personally like the wide variety of shoes Servis has to offer as there is something for all ages. So, currently, you must be seeing a new TVC from Servis for the summer collection. This includes new releases for the existing and infamous signature lines from Servis; ToZ, Liza and Ndure. The catchphrase this year is 'Utaarnay Ka Scene Hee Nahi', and the idea behind this is that the shoes are so good that you don't want to take them off. I don't know about you, but I do find it relatable! I love buying shoes and you know when you get something new you just want to keep it on and admire. My favourite bit of the ad was where the girl sleeps in her shoes. It's so daily soap appropriate but something a shoeaholic would certainly do at some point! Haha.

3D Nail Stickers, Sequins and Acrylic Nails From Sheer Class

3D Nail Stickers and Sequins From Sheer Class
3D Nail Stickers and Sequins From Sheer Class
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I love painting my nails and used to post nail art on my blog all the time previously but it is time-consuming if you are trying to be all fancy and so nail stickers, sequins and even pre-painted acrylic nails are great as a quick fix. Thanks to Sheer Class, I now have some cute additions in my nail embellishment collection. So you will be seeing a variety in this post and I hope you get ideas for doing your nails this summer or even deviate!

Decorative Nail Art Wheel 

This wheel contains an assortment of 12 pastel coloured sequins which are shaped like flower, heart and stars. They are all so adorable and would look great on a statement nail or you can even apply just one or few on each nail. Super girly, these would be perfect for daytime.

How To Use: Paint your nails any base colour you like and before your nails dry, carefully pick a sequin with the help of a tweezer or even toothpick and drop it on the wet polish. The placement can be tricky so I suggest let it be random. If you want it to stay on longer then be sure to lock it in with a top coat.

The sequins can be reused if not lost or remain in a good condition after being removed with acetone.

Price: 75 PKR

Du'vi Stockholm Skincare Range in Pakistan

Duvi Stockholm Skincare Range in Pakistan
Duvi Stockholm Skincare Range in Pakistan
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I find getting hold of skincare goods extremely difficult in Pakistan. There are only a handful of brands sold at supermarkets and I have struggled for years to settle for even the most basic of products. Du'vi Stockholm, a Swedish brand that is produced in France, recently brought its partly organic skincare range to our country and I was pleased to know. The brand is paraben and phenoxyethanol free, both of which can be carcinogenic and toxic. Also, I like how all the products I got have the percentage of natural derivatives used mentioned.

Du'vi currently has seven products to offer out of which I have three to share my experience with you. My PR parcel contained a Green Tea Face Wash, a Bamboo Scrub, and a White Daisy Skin Brightening Face Cream, all of which made a place in my skin care routine easily since such products are needed on a daily basis.

Jordana Nail Polish Corrector Review

Jordana Nail Polish Corrector Review
Jordana Nail Polish Corrector
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Nail polish boo-boos are unavoidable, even if your hand is steady, just as the brush strokes the nail fold in your attempt of covering the corner, there you have it. Jordana Nail Polish Corrector is an interesting tool. I remember seeing a similar pen when I was younger that my friend had in her manicure kit and no doubt I was pleased but did not know where to get one locally.

Normally, for correcting nail polish mistakes, I would just wipe it off with my thumb and most of the remainder on the skin comes off within a couple washes. By that time, of course, the polish isn't as fresh but since nobody holds my hand to look up close every time I do my nails, it doesn't really matter on a day to day basis. However, beauty blogging has its own vows and even the tiniest of slips scream in photos.

Keeping It Minimalistic With Essence Cosmetics

Essence Camouflage Cream Concealer and Sheer and Shine Lipstick
Essence Camouflage Cream Concealer - 10 Natural Beige
Sheer and Shine Lipstick - 09 I Feel Pretty
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Essence Cosmetics is popular for nail polishes and blushes but Camouflage Cream Concealer and Sheer and Shine Lipstick happen to be my first products from the brand. I am not sure why I have never picked up anything from them before as everyone raves about their quality and I love the adorable packaging they come up with. However, a concealer and an everyday lipstick are a good place to start with when you are new to a brand and these alone can be sufficient for beginners. Somebody with clearer or younger skin only requires a little concealing and brightening with a hint of colour on the lips to enhance their features.

Essence Camouflage Cream Concealer - 10 Natural Beige 

Cleverly named, the Essence Camouflage cream concealer duo has a dark shade of beige as well as a light one and I find both to be more cool-toned rather than warm. They seem yellow-toned in the palette but on blending they look pink in terms of undertones on my skin. I am a little surprised that there are no other shades available in the range as just these two cannot cater to all the skin tones. If you have been around for long enough, you might know that my face (darker) and body (lighter) don't match so I have a tan going on at all times. The darker shade seems to work fine on my natural complexion but with a tan, I need a colour corrector underneath and can use it as more of a highlight. Both the shades would work best for fair skin tones but tend to look ashy on olive undertones.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream: San Paulo and Cannes

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream: San Paulo and Cannes
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (L-R): San Paulo, Cannes
The drugstore gem that NYX is known as, I couldn't have been more grateful to Just4Girls for making the brand available in Pakistan. I posted my first ever NYX Haul back in October and the products I got were soon featured in my monthly favourites too. In fact, NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams have since become my routine staples. Initially, I had gotten the shade Cannes to try out and soon my friend gifted me San Paulo for my birthday which was also on my wishlist.

These come in a palm-sized tube which is made out of plastic but is quite sturdy and comes with a doe foot applicator. It is lightweight and can be easily carried around without the fear of spillage. The tubes are actually coloured and you cannot see the actual product through them but I love how exact the colour of the tube is to the actual product.

Pakistani Summer Clothing Haul feat. Khaadi and Gul Ahmed

Summer comes to Karachi at the speed of light but you know I love the season and I am excited about updating my wardrobe. Usually, I don't start shopping this soon for summer but none of these purchases were planned. First stop was Khaadi and what I actually bought was off the sales rack as the new collection wasn't in by then. While on the third day of Gul Ahmed's new collection hitting the stores mom and I went in just to check everything out in person as we did have some favourites from the magazines, but sadly most of what we fancied was either already out of stock or didn't look as pleasing in real. Nonetheless, I ended up getting three unstitched lawn (it is a fabric in case you don't know) shirt pieces and it seems like I am all about white now. Throughout last year, I kept gravitating towards white and it would probably continue being my colour for this year too. 

I decided to do a clothing haul since I think I have shopped enough to share with you guys. I know a lot of people love seeing hauls, and from my Eid haul, I remember some of my foreign readers being interested in seeing more of Pakistani clothing. Also, I had even asked in a previous post if I should do one and got some positive comments. 

Just note that all of these clothes have code numbers rather than proper names so I will just refer to them with the colour mentioned on the tag.

A Karachiite in Lahore

Grand Jamia Mosque
Grand Jamia Mosque in Bahria Town
One minute I am sitting exams, the next minute I am in Lahore, or "LOL" (no offence) as a toddler on our flight called it upon landing. According to my plan, I had to go to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Center Hospital for winter break internship last year but due to the savage attack on APS and high-security alert throughout the country, the trip had to be cancelled.

This year the hopes were higher but there were again one too many last minute traumas I had to deal with, including my batch mates dropping out of the plan one by one as well as Shaheen cancelling the flight. There came a point when everybody backed out but I was so determined to go for multiple reasons that I didn't care if I had to go on my own. Luckily, my family backed me up throughout and gradually everything fell into place. Some of my fellows who had dropped out earlier joined in and I managed to get another flight which was a day in advance but thank goodness for farsightedness and having all worst case scenarios mapped out in my mind. I had ticked off everything from my prior to trip to-do list just in time.
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