5 Easy Ways of Preventing Pimples At Home

5 Easy Ways of Preventing Pimples At Home
5 Easy Ways of Preventing Pimples At Home
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No matter the skin type, if we do not take care of our health and hygiene anybody can have pimples. It's like at least one is always ready to pop even if your skin is not prone to acne. Breakouts can be hormonal or a result of an adverse reaction after using a certain product and in such a case you have to be just patient with them. However, most of the times the root cause lies in our carelessness and this means you can have control on them to some extent by being preventive.

I have a dry/combination skin and acne is not a major concern for me but over the years I have had some intense breakouts from time to time for which my own absent-mindedness was to be mostly blamed. It has been a couple years since pimples haven't bothered me much and the reason for this has been slight but effective changes in my routine.

Exploring The Historical Land - Insta Meet Thatta

My girls while capturing each other at Makli
Every year Instagrammers from around the globe get to meet others like them in worldwide Instagram meetups held in many different places. This is the thirteenth time it is being done but for me, this was my first ever Instagram meetup and the best part is it was hosted by my blogging babes, Noor and Areeba along with Farman from the KHI Book Swap in Thatta.

Thatta is an ancient city roughly 100 kilometres away from Karachi and the reason why I jumped at this opportunity was that I haven't explored much of interior Sindh which is in my own province while I have still seen more of Punjab. Moreover, it is my dream to go all around the world until there is no scrap of land left that I haven't seen and Thatta to begin with is a very interesting place. The sun shines bright and the air is dry but it has ample amount of fresh water to let the old city thrive along with Karachi and the rest.

My Cheesy Bites - A Treat For The Cheese Lovers

Pizza Hut My Cheesy Bites
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Pizza Hut Pakistan keeps tossing new pizza flavours and deals more than anyone else. I appreciate that as a result we pizzaholics have an excuse of trying something different every few months. This time around Pizza Hut's infamous cheesy bites crust made a comeback as My Cheesy  Bites pizza but with three tempting options. For the launch, Pizza Hut held a Cheesy Party in Lahore recently where Nescafe Basement entertainer, Arsalan Hasan, pleased everyone with his musical performance and along with posing at the photo booth the guests enjoyed their pizza which was the star of the evening.

Monthly Favourites: March Edition

This is probably as late as it could get with my March Favourites but the post had been hanging unfinished in the drafts for a couple weeks already. Excuse me for juggling between one too many things at a time but I had been looking forward to sharing my favourites with you, all this while. Though I am sure you must have read my previous blog posts so you would be able to recognise a lot of these things from then but I have been big on hair lately so you will know more about that too.

1. Du'vi Bamboo Scrub* 

I have always said that I love me a good scrub for the dry flakes that I have to deal with all year round and while Du'vi Bamboo Scrub is extremely gentle, it is perfect for everyday use and I love it for gently smoothening my skin every morning. If you would like to know more about it, go ahead and read my detailed review.

Cute Japanese Goodies from Blippo & Giveaway!

Blippo Kawaii Shop Goodies
Blippo Kawaii Shop Goodies
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By the time, I grew out of "cartoon-watching-age", Japanese cartoons had made their way on our televisions and therefore, they were the last of cartoons I ever watched. Thereon, came the age for me for playing online games on Facebook and through Pet Society (I still miss it!) I learned a lot about other cultures, including Japanese and even made friends who taught me a fair few words like Ganbatte, Arigatou, and Kawaii! I am a fan of Japanese culture, I don't know enough but I certainly find it fascinating and over time I have read books on it as well. Now, Kawaii literally means 'cute' and I am sure a lot of us find Japanese anime and emojis adorable.

So I recently came across this Kawaii brand called Blippo which stocks a lot of cute Japanese stuff ranging from accessories to stationery to bags to even candy. If you go to the website you will feel mesmerised by all the prettiness and to be honest, I want one of everything on there, it is just so damn lovely. The brand was kind enough to collaborate with me and I am glad to share the things I recently received from them. Also, there is a giveaway at the end which YOU WANT TO enter since this is my first ever international giveaway but more on that later!

The Classy Pouch from Sheer Class

The Classy Pouch from Sheer Class
The Classy Pouch from Sheer Class
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Sheer Class, the flaming hot accessories brand, came out with the first ever Pakistani fashion accessories subscription service on 23rd March in the form of The Classy Pouch. The idea is relatively new to the local audience so let me break it down for you. If you are into jewelry, temporary tattoos, nail art, etc, then subscribing to The Classy Pouch gives you a great opportunity for trying out an assortment of accessories for a nominal price of just 999 PKR with free shipping while the actual value of the pouch is much greater. Therefore, there are only 10 pouches available each month so you should grab one as soon as possible by filling this form.

I already posted a first impression video of my pouch from March on my Facebook page so do check that out. The Classy Pouch was launched on Pakistan Day and hence the one I got is green in colour to go with the theme. Do note that when you fill the form for the subscription you are asked what type of stuff you like so that your pouch is tailored to your liking which makes each pouch unique while maintaining the mystery. I like the surprise element in this because this way I can get sent stuff that I wouldn't have picked for myself. This is a good way of deviating from the usual as you wouldn't normally just out of habit but you can never be sure if you would like something different unless you try it.

Trying Out Purederm Masks

Purederm Vitamin E Red Ginseng Mask

Makeup is fun but skincare is essential. I have been wanting to try out more of Eastern beauty masks and thanks to my friend, Maha from Maha's Corner, she got me drooling over her Purederm, which is a Korean skincare brand, haul weeks ago on Snapchat!

She had already told me where to get it but I still spotted the brand unintentionally at Naheed when I popped in for a quick purchase. Since I was in a hurry I picked up two Purederm masks; Mango Dead Sea Mud Mask and Vitamin E Red Ginseng Mask, but only realised that neither were sheet masks once I got to the cash counter. I decided to keep both anyway because I liked the sound of those key ingredients.

Of course, you can only see one mask here because I don't even know why but I didn't think I would put these up on my blog so used up the other mask completely and threw away the packaging. I'll talk about both nonetheless.
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