Bourjeon Rock Collar Necklace

As a child, I remember collecting bangles and bracelets but once I grew a little older I began an affair with earrings. On the contrary, I have always seen my mum layer on necklaces and while I was always attracted to them, I am not certain why it took me so long to incorporate them in my own outfits. Now as an adult, I have been gravitating towards neck jewellery and when I saw this beautiful Rock Collar Necklace from Bourjeon, I knew it had to be mine. Bourjeon is a newly launched online portal for shopping jewellery and most of the things that I have seen on the website are statement pieces. 

Trying Out More Bioderma Products!

Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner and Atoderm Creme

Removing makeup is a chore but it is oddly satisfying too. You must be aware that it is very important to go over and over with a makeup remover until you see no more residue on your cotton pads. Otherwise, any trace which is left behind can clog pores and result in breakouts. I have talked about Bioderma Sensibio H2O being my go-to makeup remover time and again, the reason being it cuts down extra steps and hence speeds up the process.

The French brand has been locally available for a couple of years already but interacted with the bloggers for the first time recently. Bioderma had arranged a high-tea at Pranzo in August and I was impressed by the way this event was organised and how professionally they carried it out rather than being all over the place which is what we have experienced in the past at some blogger meetups. They told us some interesting facts about their products which even I as an avid user was not aware of. Like I knew that fatty acid is dissolved in micellar water and that is why it removes makeup effortlessly but I did not know that it has the same pH 5 as our skin and that is why it does not cause adverse reactions. The brand also elaborated on how their ideology is based on targeting the root cause of skin related issues rather than just focusing on the solution. Also, Bioderma micellar water contains no controversial ingredients like parabens and in fact, it has skin soothing cucumber extract.

Mix Makeup Like A Pro With Artiste Palette

Artiste Palette by The Pout Painters
PR Sample*
The Pout Painters, Fizzah and Sadaf, who are my favourite beauty blogging duo, came up with their own range of makeup mixing palettes called Artiste Palette. These girls are extremely knowledgeable and they know their stuff well so it was smart of them to launch something that is not readily available, especially in the local market.

Now, the kind of skin tone that I have, it is usually required for me to mix my foundation shades and I have been doing so for a long time on the back of my hand. I know some people mix their makeup on the lid or back of their powder compacts, et cetera, but I do not find it hygienic at all and I already have sensitive skin so I would never even want to risk it. Anyways, I do not like to get my hands covered in makeup either as it can always accidentally get smeared on my dress and some of it gets absorbed hence wasted too. Also, some foundations like the Massarat Misbah Silk Foundation* or cream eyeshadow products can stain the skin and it can be a pain to wipe them clean at the last minute right before rushing out the door. Furthermore, with products like L.A Girl Pro HD Concealer, which comes in a squishy tube with a brush applicator, direct application to face can be tricky as excess product often gets dispensed and since I used it for contouring, too much product can be troublesome to blend.

Style Fusion: Contemporary Tribal featuring Zaful

Stand Neck Embroidered Loose Fit Shirt
PR Sample*
I love style fusion because I don't believe in settling for just one thing. Only last night I was talking about how my style has evolved and what I currently wish for when it comes to upgrading my wardrobe in the Current Fashion Wishlist: Basic, Bohemian and Desi post. I had mentioned Zaful, an online portal for shopping fashion apparel, that has a wide variety of bohemian as well as modern and chic clothing and accessories. So, I got my pick from the brand which is this greige colour Stand Neck Embroidered Loose Fit Shirt and I couldn't wait to share it with you guys.

Current Fashion Wishlist: Basic, Bohemian and Desi

I think I have collected enough makeup over the past few months and therefore am now ready to stock my closet with new basics as well as some bohemian and desi (traditional) fashion apparel since my style has evolved a lot in the past couple years. Obviously, I have had the vision but it was always somewhere at the back of my mind and after a fair share of experiments it is clear to me that how I want to carry myself here on. I believe I do not have to just stick to one thing to express my style and therefore to sum it up I can best put it this way that I like a little bit of androgyny in my dressing but also would go all girly when it comes cultural attire.

I feel now is the time when I can shop some of the stuff that I have been eyeing since long. So sorry, Jaclyn Hill and Jeffree Star, those highlighters have to wait because I am into clothing at the moment.
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