Olympia Gym and Spa, Avari Towers

One of the things that I really wanted to do after graduating was to join a gym for maintaining my own health and fitness. I could not sign up previously because I only got free just as the gym hours for ladies ended at my local gyms. However, I am still sitting behind my laptop with a paunch (not really!); I recently got the chance of visiting Olympia Gym and Spa at Avari Towers. Even after graduation, I have been extremely busy so a day out especially for gym and spa was not only refreshing but motivating too.

Olympia Gym and Spa, Avari Towers

So last Sunday, I along with a few other bloggers were invited by Avari Towers to spend some quality time while chilling out at the Olympia Gym and Spa. After a little bit of socializing, my first instinct was to dive into the big blue POOL. However, that morning I had actually left my house in a rush so I was underprepared to take a swim. Besides, later on, I found out that the pool is only open for men and children on Sundays, so I had no regrets. I am sure the male bloggers enjoyed themselves.

Italian Food Festival at Asia Live, Avari Towers

Being a food enthusiast, I was over the moon when I was invited to attend the Italian Food Festival at Avari Towers. Let's be real, we have all grown up loving pizza and pasta and I am sure I was not the only one who anticipated this food festival at Avari, ever since they have started doing such festivals more often.

Stone Baked Pizza
Stone Baked Pizza

Italian Food Festival at Asia Live, Avari Towers
Leaning Tower of Pisa and Salads
Before we get into the details of what was on the menu, I would like to mention that I did notice that the number of dishes in the buffet was lesser than usual. I did not know what to expect for salads but there was a good variety and everything was fresh and light. I definitely expected a lot more for the dessert, though. That being said, having lesser but some of the finest dishes on the main course menu did allow me to try out most of them. I was also pleasantly surprised that I was pretty much drawn to all the dishes. Otherwise, I am not that eager about trying out meat dishes which I am not familiar with, but there was nothing like that on the menu this time around.

5 Reasons Why I love Colourpop - By Terri Heckley

Colourpop is one of those brands you’ve probably seen so much about in the beauty community, and
there’s a good reason for it. For the longest time, I wasn’t able to get my hands on any Colourpop
products as I live in the UK. However, they now ship internationally which means over the last few months, I’ve made some pretty hefty orders. If you’re still undecided on the brand, here are 5 reasons Colourpop are killing it in the makeup world:

Colourpop Eyeshadows

1. Very Affordable - With basically every product being under $10 they are one of the best brands for not breaking the bank. Seriously, their liquid lips are only $6! Not only that, but they often have value sets and bundles and regular discount codes!

2. Insane Collaborations - Colourpop often teams up with some fab people to bring you a new range of products. Currently, they have ranges with KathleenLights, Karrueche, Alexis Ren and Amanda Steele!

Egyptian Food Festival at Asia Live, Avari Towers

Once again, I am back with another food post, but I am glad that most of you guys do appreciate these. So, last Saturday I got to attend the Egyptian Food Festival at Avari Towers, and here is all that you need to know about it.

Now, I have had Middle Eastern food a lot in this lifetime for I have been to quite a few Arab countries and also do have family friends from the Middle East. Personally speaking, I love my spices so I do prefer Pakistani food over everything, but there are obviously tasty treats that the Middle East has to offer as well. That being said, this was my first time trying out Egyptian cuisine and boy, I was excited. Egypt has such a rich historical background and I am so intrigued by it that I went in expecting that it would somehow reflect in the food as well.

Egyptian Food Festival at Asia Live, Avari Towers
Egyptian Food Festival at Asia Live, Avari Towers
Mind you, I did not get a chance of noting down the names of every single dish that day, because I was a bit tired since I already had another blogging event to cover right before this food festival on the very same day. So you will have to do with my descriptions, which I guarantee will be scrumptious (for the most part).

The Rise of Stripes And Gingham

We have discussed it time and again that all of the old fashion is coming back in style and some of my absolute favourites as of late have been everything centered around stripes and gingham. The two prints have been so popular in the world of fashion and I have seen nearly everyone from the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, to supermodels, to all the stylish babes in town, rocking either or both of these.

Hence, it is safe to say that these prints have to be incorporated into your wardrobes in order to stay trendy. Stripes and gingham are iconic and reminiscent of the last century as both the prints were fairly popular when it comes to old Hollywood. In fact, if you look up the history of these prints, you would know that these are actually more than just a century old, which just this goes to show that stripes and gingham can be never forgotten.

The Comeback of Stripes And Gingham

Let's Talk Stripes

Hands down, stripes are for everybody and that is the beauty of this print. It is not restricted to a certain age or gender in any way. From a toddler to a high school student to anybody in their 70s, just about anyone can easily pull off stripes.
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