I Am NOT Getting A Nose Job

This morning right after sehri, some random stranger tweeted at me 'when are you getting a nose job?', when everyone was complimenting me on a photo that I had recently posted. I had the option to ignore or clap back. I chose the latter not because I was tempted to but because things like these are quite personal and cyber bullying is not a matter to be taken lightly.

Yes, I was genetically blessed with a big round nose and I'm not ashamed of flaunting it. Why would I be? I'm God's artwork nonetheless and I'm not going to surrender to the beauty standards the world has set up. We see people talking back and forth about a lot of such physical appearance related stereotypes and derisive remarks about skin colour, height, weight. Still, nose is one thing that I have never really seen much positive and uplifting talk about.

There are so many people who have suffered for so long because of such a hostile attitude towards what they do not even have any control over. Many succumb to meet society's standard by going under the knife, and even then the pain never really ends as afterward they are called out for being fake!

Speaking of myself, I refuse to alter my physical appearance surgically to please anyone who thinks I should. Firstly, most of the time such people are either too full of themselves or deep down insecure because they have the same physical traits and mud slinging somehow gives them solace, which is so sick.

I have been made fun of for a lot of little things that might seem minor given the fact that society tends to normalize them but in reality, all those little things add up and become scarring for an individual. I developed a thick skin at an early age because there is only so much you can hurt someone. My family has always been supportive and has taught me that I am above all that others think they can label me as and get away with.

When it comes to frivolous comments online, I ignore them for the most part. But I chose to address this because I do not want somebody else who is not confident enough in their own skin, to lock themselves away from the world just because they did not win the kind of genetic lottery that pleases the world. I want everyone who feels insecure in their skin to be okay. To accept themselves and to love themselves because you do not deserve any less.

As for the ones who might think I am addressing it because I am insecure myself, you just missed the whole point. If I was insecure, I would have hidden it away and would have never talked about it.

Some people messaged me to say stay strong and I just want to make it clear that I AM STRONG AND THAT'S ONE REASON WHY YOU ARE READING THIS.

I want everyone else to be strong too in the face of their bullies. We are not weak for confronting our bullies. We are strong for looking them in the eye.

A lot of widely loved stars do not have the slender, tiny nose as the world demands and yet they slay nonetheless. Some notable examples include Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Zendaya. All of these girls are just as beautiful as everyone else and are not just that but a lot more. Their talent has brought them this more than anything else!

If after reading this whole post all you have to say is 'just chill' or 'ignore', please do not even comment because you will be forfeiting the purpose of my blog post.


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