July Glowy Box Review | Pakistani Beauty Subscription Box

It's great to see the rise of beauty subscription boxes in Pakistan as these give us a chance to try out some high-end and new makeup brands without causing a dent in our pockets. Glowy Box, in particular, stands out to me for the quality and I love the fact how it just keeps on improving with every passing month.

I was super excited to get my first ever Glowy Box last month and it turned out to be a great value for money. In case you are curious to know, what I got in June Glowy Box, you can always watch my unboxing video here.

July Glowy Box Review
July Glowy Box Review
PR Sample*
Anyways, Glowy Box always reveals the brands and products for each month on their Instagram which is a good thing since you get to see and decide if you like a particular month's box or not rather than spending blindly. The only surprise element is the shades of the products that you would get but since Glowy Box allows you to customize a profile based on your skin tone and preferences, you are likely to get what you like all together.

Tree House Makeup Wipes Review - Do These Actually Work on Waterproof Mascara?

Tree House is a new skin care brand which has released three types of makeup wipes. There is one for makeup removal which comes in a black pack, one for babies which comes in a baby blue pack, and another for repelling mosquitoes which comes in a green pack.

I was sent a cute little hamper along with a Tree House Cleansing Makeup Wipes a little while ago. From the looks of it and the sleek black packaging, I was quite impressed and since these wipes claim to even remove waterproof mascara, I had even higher hopes.

When it comes to makeup removal, I have an extensive ritual and I like to do the full shebang with wipes, micellar water, and cleansers. The wipes also claim that they leave no residue behind, but anyone who has a good understanding of makeup would know that while makeup wipes are great for breaking down the bulk of makeup, you do always need to deep cleanse to make sure there is no residue left behind.

So, I did know that a couple of wipes would not be sufficient to remove everything. Yes, you might not see any more product coming off after a few wipes, but that is all that the wipes are capable of removing. If you follow with makeup removers and cleansers, you would see there is always so much more left behind. That is especially true for base products and therefore I rely on wipes for removing mainly powder products and the top layers. The Tree House wipes are no different and of course, there is still residue left behind. However, since it was expected, I do not even mind that.

Ruffled Sleeves Shirt Trend

We are living in a time where we are enjoying repeating fashion trends from the past. Today's highlight is going to be the ruffled sleeves trend but before we talk about it, let's just touch upon bell sleeves too since all ruffled sleeves are bell shaped.

I remember just the bell sleeves trend had made a comeback around 2007 too and to be honest I did not really appreciate it back then. The fact that even our school decided to change the uniform to one with bell sleeves was a bit too much and that was an absolute fashion disaster in my opinion. Fast forward, 10 years later, we are again wearing bell sleeves but this time ruffles are back in fashion too.

Ruffled Sleeves Shirt Trend
Ruffled Sleeves Shirt Trend
So, I showed you guys some of my top summer trends in a recent video and nearly everyone praised this muted pink blouse with ruffled sleeves. I actually spotted it on To Save and could not resist ordering it as part of my PR haul from the website. I showed you the rings I got from the website in yesterday's post already.

My New Ring Collection - Boho Stackables, Vintage Punk Rock, Dainty

The last time I felt this obsessed with rings was probably ages ago when midi rings became popular. Now even though I love dolling up, I am so forgetful that I hardly ever accessorize and end up skipping jewelry for the most part. I was recently contacted by To Save to choose some stuff from their website and I love budget buys when it comes to smaller things like rings.

So I ended up picking a set of boho stackable rings, a chunky bull dog ring and a dainty antler ring. Now, these were super cheap but they are so pretty that I am obsessed and I have been wearing them pretty much every day.

Boho Stacking Ring Set

If you watch my YouTube videos or follow me on Instagram, you would have surely seen these in some of my videos and posts. I love this set of silver stacking rings as they contain different sizes of rings so some can be worn as midi rings, others as knuckle rings and the rest as normal rings.

Boho Stacking Rings
Boho Stacking Rings
PR Samples*
The set has 13 rings which are of the bohemian style and they have a nice aged texture and aesthetic detailing. You can wear all of these rings together like I have shown in the photograph, or you can switch them up from time to time. I feel I look like an artistic whenever I am wearing these and I really dig such attire.

Jeffree Star x Manny MUA I'm Shook Velour Liquid Lipstick Review

I fell in love with Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks a year ago when I got Gemini for my birthday and bought three more soon after. That left a dent in my pocket and I skipped buying most of his other releases for the rest of last year. Jeffree Star and Manny MUA are my two favourite men in makeup so when I found out about the Jeffree Star and Manny MUA collaboration, I was ecstatic. I'm Shook particularly got my fancy because it looks so similar to Kylie's Kristen which I had been eyeing for a while but this costs lesser and I am not the biggest fan of Kylie's formula.

This was the first time Jeffree has collaborated with anyone and Manny is a complete opposite of Jeffree when it comes to makeup since he likes to play safe. Therefore, the collection looked pretty good and wearable for most people. Daddy was the more popular shade of velour liquid lipstick from the collection and it sold out quickly. However, since I am still new to greige lipsticks, I wasn't really excited about it. I do want to add Jeffree Star Skin Frost in my collection but I would rather go for something gold toned than Eclipse.

Jeffree Star x Manny MUA I'm Shook Velour Liquid Lipstick Review
Jeffree Star x Manny MUA I'm Shook Velour Liquid Lipstick Review
I contemplated if I needed another one of his liquid lipsticks just yet and initially decided to let it pass. I'm Shook is such a gorgeous muted tone of red that I could not resist for long and caved. In swatches, it might look quite similar to Gemini and Rose Matter but on the lips, it definitely looks red. Jeffree describes it as a medium toned burnt coral and that is spot on.

My Thoughts Seem Misty But My Mind Is Clear

As raindrops gradually started hitting the ground, panic crossed over me. I wiped the lens, ran back to my spot, hit the shutter through remote control, slid my phone away along the side of the wall, posed and waited for the ten-second countdown to end. Phew!

Shirt - High Low Striped Embroidered Loose Shirt from Zaful*
I have been trying to be more productive than ever right now and even though I have a very hectic schedule already, I do not want to slack when it comes to any path that I have chosen myself. I started my YouTube channel back in February, but could not keep up due to technical difficulties and ETS tests. So, I took a break until I could get back on track. More recently, I was finally able to get a laptop which means I can now edit my videos on a professional software (even if I am no pro myself). It took me a little while to familiarize myself with Sony Vegas Pro, but once I did, I have been enjoying filming and editing a lot more.

It is all still very new to me, I make so many mistakes every day. But what is important is that I keep on moving. Because I feel, we give ourselves too many excuses to not do things and procrastinate. But the truth is the clock never stops ticking. I have been working roughly 15 hours a day at this point and Karachi Electric, PTCL, family, social circles, slumber, and hunger have control over the other 9 hours in my life.

L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox And Brighten Mask Review

Not long ago, L'Oreal took over the beauty scene by launching three Pure Clay masks that soon became every beauty guru's favourites! My Instagram was plastered with photos of people "multi-masking" with L'Oreal Detoxifying, Mattifying, and Exfoliating masks. I don't just jump on the bandwagon, you know. So, I waited for the hype to die down, people to move on, somebody to come along and say that it is not really worth it.

L'Oreal has always been popular for its True Match foundation more than anything else. However, more recently the brand added some more foundations to their range, along with other makeup products. They sure are game, but even though L'Oreal has been selling creams and skincare products for a while too now, they never really attracted as much attention as these masks have managed to gain.

L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox And Brighten Mask Review
L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox And Brighten Mask Review
When I did not come across even a single negative review on the L'Oreal Pure Clay masks, I gave in and decided to check one out for myself. So, a little before Eid, I was shopping at Naheed Supermarket in Karachi when I saw L'Oreal's shelf stacked with all three of the pure clay masks. I was instantly drawn and even though I wanted to get the Exfoliate and Refine Red Algae mask, largely because of the colour, I ended up picking Detox and Brighten Charcoal mask after discussing the pros of each with the helpful salesperson. One other mask in the range is Purifies and Mattifies Eucalyptus mask. All of these masks retail for 1099 PKR and come with matching foaming facewashes too.

MAC Nude Lipsticks for Pakistani Skin Tones

My first MAC lipstick was Crosswires, a bright coral-y pink! I was naïve and shied away from lipsticks, but nude lipsticks, in particular, thinking they would wash me out and look unflattering on my brown skin. Little did I know that MAC nude lipsticks come in a wide shade range and there is so much variety that everyone is bound to find a good everyday lipstick for themselves.

Gone are the days when Jadirah shied away from lipsticks altogether and skipped wearing one even with a full face of makeup on. Over the years, I have tried and tested so many lipsticks for my blog that I actually fell in love with wearing them more than any other makeup product. However, I have noticed that when I am not in a mood for liquid lipsticks, I am only drawn to my MAC lipsticks. I am not sure whether it is the scent or the formula, or both, but hands down, MAC has to be my favourite brand of lipsticks now.
MAC Nude Lipsticks for Indian Pakistani Skin Tones
MAC Nude Lipsticks for Indian/Pakistani Skin Tones
Over the years, I have built myself a small collection of MAC lipsticks but my two most worn shades: Twig and Velvet Teddy, are both nudes for my skin tone. I wear either of these nearly every day, especially if I am on the go. Twig has a satin finish, while Velvet Teddy has a matte finish. I cannot really tell the formula apart but they are both buttery soft, easy to apply without even a mirror, and do not dry out lips at all.

LUSH Face Masks: Oatifix, Don't Look At Me, Ayesha, and BB Seaweed

I introduced myself to LUSH face masks a few months back when I was in Dubai and spotted a LUSH shop at The Dubai Mall. LUSH is known for its bath bombs, lip scrubs, and face masks. The good thing about the brand is that it is organic and cruelty-free. While I have tried a few products in the past that I did enjoy, I was always really intrigued to give LUSH masks a go. Since LUSH does not have an outlet in Pakistan, I definitely had to stock up my lip scrub and grab a few other products while I was in Dubai.

With the help of a very kind LUSH staff member, I ended up buying a full sized tub of Oatifix as my skin is dry/combination and it was winter when I shopped. I covered LUSH Dubai on Snapchat for my blog and Pakistan Beauty Society, so they were kind enough to give me some samples to try out too. Therefore, I ended up getting three more LUSH masks in sample pots, which surprisingly lasted me 3-4 uses each. So, now I am ready to give you my thoughts on all of them.

LUSH Face Masks
LUSH Face Masks
LUSH Oatifix 

As the name depicts, Oatifix contains oats but also ground almonds, bananas, glycerin, Sandalwood oil and more such ingredients which soothe irritated skin and nourish it by moisturizing. It has vanilla in it too which gives it a nice yummy scent. This mask has the texture of a thick paste and it is leaves behind a buttery layer on the skin.

The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters - Review & Giveaway!

Just as it started raining last week, I sat down with my copy of The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters. I know rain is not welcomed for the most part around the globe, but here in Pakistan, this is the time when everybody sings soppy love songs and celebrates the advent of monsoon after a hot spell. So obviously, what better time to read a romantic comedy as a Karachiite, eh?

Jaimie Admans is a Welsh author who has just come out with her first book and she mostly writes chick-lits. Now, personally speaking, judge me all you want, I love reading a good chick-lit and Admans has a casual writing style which makes her book an easy and relatable read. I am not going to be giving out any spoilers in this review so you can read it for yourself, but here is the blurb.
09 10