5 Things That I Have Learned In 5 Years of Blogging

I have been blogging for FIVE years now?! It seems like I just started yesterday but I am so happy to see how far I have come in this journey that I started without expecting much. Once again, this year as well, I forgot that it is my blog's anniversary today but luckily I realized that it is at one in the noon rather than any later. So I had enough time to reschedule my other posts and plan and write this post where I am sharing the 5 things that I have learned in 5 years of blogging.

Now the reason why I picked this topic for today is that 5 years is a pretty long time for keeping up with a hobby like blogging and I do have some advice that I am sure new bloggers would find helpful. Besides, I do get blogging related questions quite often and while that is not really a niche that I cover often on here, I certainly do want to help anyone who wants to know what has worked for me as a blogger.

So if you are someone who feels overwhelmed or maybe even lost in this wide world of blogging, grab a cuppa and learn from my experience.

1. Consistency Gives You Recognition

This is the most important thing that I have learned in my 5 years of blogging. If you are not constantly producing content and you take too many breaks in between, you are likely to be forgotten. Staying consistent does not mean that you have to blog every day, but give yourself a schedule and stick to it. Post at least once or twice a week if you cannot do it more often and this will get your blog the right kind of attention. However, if you disappear quite often, you would struggle to gain a loyal readership.

3 Reasons Why I Love Bioderma

Bioderma was launched as a revolutionary makeup remover a few years back and I remember reading about it on all of my favourite UK blogs. The micellar water concept was innovative at that time and soon took the beauty world by a storm. So, of course, I had to invest in one too and I assure you that I have never looked back since. If you are interested in reading my detailed review, check out my post on the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water from the past. 

In today's post, as you can tell by the title, I am sharing with you the 3 reasons why I love Bioderma! 

3 Reasons Why I Love Bioderma
Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water
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1. All In One Cleanser

Bioderma micellar water is pretty much an all in one product for people who are always on the go and are bound to keep a low maintenance skin care regime. So on days where I have time constraints, I like to use Bioderma as both, a cleanser and a toner, for preparing my skin before I go in with a moisturiser, sunblock or even a primer if I plan on wearing makeup. It deeply cleanses the skin and ensures that no residue or dirt is left behind, giving me a clean slate to start with. 

ELF Hydrating Range: Bubble Mask, Primer and Molten Liquid Eyeshadow

It has been a while since E.L.F launched its hydrating range of products but I only discovered it last month. My skin is dry/combination and I have had dermatitis so I appreciate hydrating products on a whole another level than an average person. I must say that when I first saw the packaging of the ELF's hydrating range, I was quite impressed by the whole aqua green theme as everything looks a bit luxe for a super affordable drugstore brand like ELF. The prices certainly have gone up with this one, but let's first get into the nitty gritty of the products I have been playing with lately.

ELF Hydrating Range Bubble Mask, Primer and Molten Liquid Eyeshadow
ELF Hydrating Range Bubble Mask, Primer and Molten Liquid Eyeshadow
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I was actually sent all of these products by ELF Cosmetics Pakistan, so I was told that I will be sent some products from the hydrating range, but I was also asked to pick another product and a brush (I chose the ELF contouring brush, in case you are curious, but you might have already seen it on my YouTube channel along with all of these products). Anyways, so the products the brand had chosen for me were the bubble mask and the primer, while the molten liquid eyeshadow was what I had picked myself.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review and Swatches

When I saw the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette online for the first time, I was instantly blown away! This rarely happens to me, that too with eyeshadow palettes. I am not much of an eyeshadow wearer and I mostly just rock winged eyeliner. However, Naked Heat looked so hot and fiery in a single glance, that it was hard to resist.

I waited for the launch dates and inquired local Facebook sellers about the prices they will be offering for it. As always, I was a bit taken aback since the palette itself is quite expensive at $54 but costs even more when bought in Pakistan through third party sellers as most international brands do not directly ship here. This palette ended up costing me 6800 PKR (approximately $68) from Indelath, but it was not an impulsive purchase. I had decided to let it pass initially but Deepica Mutyala on YouTube was the one who sold this to me and I changed my mind again. Her eye makeup looked just so beautiful and therefore, I was convinced that Naked Heat is the most brown girl friendly eyeshadow palette of the year. Even though this palette is warm toned, it is surely wearable for both summer and fall.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review and Swatches
Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review and Swatches 
The packaging of the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette is gorgeous itself. I really love the whole matchbox concept and the colour and design of it. The palette is made out of plastic but it is quite sturdy. It has a magnetic closure and comes with a big horizontal mirror. Urban Decay has as always included a dual ended brush in the set which feels nice but the bristles are packed quite densely so while it would be great for packing on product, it is not fluffy enough, in my opinion, for seamless blending.

Silk Avenue Handbag and Shopping Experience Review

Silk Avenue is a UK based brand that sells a variety of bags. The brand just made its way to Pakistan as it has been recently launched online for stylish Pakistani women who love accessorizing but do not want to spend a fortune on high-end bags for daily wear.

I recently got an opportunity of shopping on the website so I picked a Leesun London Front Pocket Handbag in the shade Nude, which looks like a pinky brown. Just by the way, I am so in love with the colour at the moment. They do have a couple other shades in the same style but for some reason, they are all listed separately. As in if I open the link to this bag in a separate tab, I do not get the option to choose black or burgundy from the same page and instead, each has its own separate page. Anyways, Leesun London is one of the main brands featured on Silk Avenue and while I had personally never heard of it, I am actually quite impressed by the quality of my handbag.

Leesun London Front Pocket Handbag
Leesun London Front Pocket Handbag
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The website conveniently lists details like the size of the bag and shows photos of the pockets and straps. However, I did not pull out my measuring tape while shopping for this, so I was actually quite impressed by the size of the bag as I imagined it to be a lot smaller. The only thing different from the photos on the website is the zipper detailing which is a bummer but still not a deal breaker for me. In fact, I would much rather prefer these solid metal zippers over faux leather ones as these can withstand the wear and tear of constant pulls and tugs better. The handbag comes with a shoulder strap too so it is quite versatile and would be ideal for a working woman.

Sigma Beauty Mr. Bunny Travel Kit Review

I love traveling and to ensure a hassle free trip, I like to pack very smartly. So if you ever travel with me, you would know that I never over pack and yet always have the bare essentials needed for a smooth holiday trip. As a makeup enthusiast, of course, I have to always pack some of my favourites, but a brush kit like the Sigma Beauty Mr. Bunny Travel Kit is super important for me as well.

Sigma Beauty Mr. Bunny Travel Kit
Sigma Beauty Mr. Bunny Travel Kit
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This brush kit basically contains pretty much all the brushes you would ever need and it is such a good investment as a beginner too. There are seven brushes in the Sigma Beauty Mr. Bunny Travel Kit, out of which four are eye brushes and three are face brushes.

E30 Pencil Brush
This is one of my favourites for popping highlight into my inner corner and smoking out the eyeshadow on my lower lashline.

E40 Tapered Blending Brush
Everybody needs an E40 in their life to up their blending game! This brush is quite fluffy and perfect for blending out eyeshadow in the crease and outer corner for a softer look.
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