3 Reasons Why I Love Bioderma

Bioderma was launched as a revolutionary makeup remover a few years back and I remember reading about it on all of my favourite UK blogs. The micellar water concept was innovative at that time and soon took the beauty world by a storm. So, of course, I had to invest in one too and I assure you that I have never looked back since. If you are interested in reading my detailed review, check out my post on the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water from the past. 

In today's post, as you can tell by the title, I am sharing with you the 3 reasons why I love Bioderma! 

3 Reasons Why I Love Bioderma
Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water
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1. All In One Cleanser

Bioderma micellar water is pretty much an all in one product for people who are always on the go and are bound to keep a low maintenance skin care regime. So on days where I have time constraints, I like to use Bioderma as both, a cleanser and a toner, for preparing my skin before I go in with a moisturiser, sunblock or even a primer if I plan on wearing makeup. It deeply cleanses the skin and ensures that no residue or dirt is left behind, giving me a clean slate to start with. 

Bioderma is also an essential in makeup removing ritual and while I like to take the top layer of my makeup off with a wipe or cloth, I always double cleanse with Bioderma to remove the rest of the product which doesn't come off with the wipes no matter what and can clog pores if not removed properly.

2. Super Gentle on Skin

I have dry/combination skin which tends to get irritated quite easily since I have had a severe case of dermatitis. Bioderma comes in a bunch of variations for different skin types but I have only used Sensibio as it suits my sensitive skin. The micellar water has the same pH as our skin of about 5.5 and therefore it does not dry it out or cause any adverse reactions. 

3. Travel Friendly

Last but not the least, Bioderma comes in different sized bottles and I find this thing quite handy as you can pick whichever size suits your need. Since Bioderma makes a perfect on the go product, it is convenient for me to keep a small 100 ml bottle in my bag for a quick cleanse or makeup fixes when I am travelling without having the need of carrying a separate cleanser and toner.

Now tell me if you have tried Bioderma for yourself and what do you think about it? :) x

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