Disclosure & PR Policy*

Location: Jasmine Catches Butterflies is a Karachi, Pakistan based blog, but of course I do accept international collaborations.

Importance of Asterisk (*)
Anything marked with an asterisk (*) has been sent to me for PR purpose, i.e. reviews & features or is sponsored. This includes stuff I receive in goody bags from events & purchases made with vouchers or store credits received through my blog. You can find the asterisk in the photo caption of such a blog post.

PR Friendly But Mind My Business Regulations
Jasmine Catches Butterflies is a PR Friendly blog and accepts products and samples which fall under any of the following categories; Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle.

If a product has been sent to me for 'consideration', I always check in for necessary information and details with the company which I feel needs to be incorporated in my review and take my time in testing before posting any opinions. I encourage and ensure maximum transparency, and loyalty to my audience is my utmost responsibility and priority. I do not wish to mislead my audience in any way, and my promise to all my readers is that I will always provide them with my 100% honest opinions. I would never accept money just to talk positively about a product if I don’t believe it and I reserve the right of not publishing a review if I feel it would be inconvenient. If a product sent to me for PR purposes is defected, I would ask for a replacement as it may otherwise result in a negative review.

Since Jasmine Catches Butterflies is a personal blog, I do not publish any press releases and announcements as they appear to be spammy. Besides, I do not believe in posting about products I do not have a first-hand experience with. Similarly, if you want me to feature your store (online included), business or anything else on my blog, please note that I do not consider and publish without compensation in any form, that is, you can either choose to pay in cash or send me any of your products. Also, bear in mind that I would not publish any paid PR posts until my dues are cleared. From multiple past experiences, I have realised that it's the blogger who is always at a loss, not the brand.

Product Results, My Views & Ratings
I am not to be held responsible if a product which worked for me does not work the same for someone else. There is no guarantee of this due to varying skin types, climatic differences, a faulty product from the company etc. Also, no offence is to be taken if any of my views differ from yours or that of other people. I reserve the right of updating my reviews and posts if needed. There is no set-out break-up of the rating criteria, but it mainly depends on the product claims and how it delivers, while practicality of packaging over the looks, and pricing are also considered as minor factors.

If you want to play advertisements on my blog or sponsor a giveaway, kindly check out my Ad. Packages and email me at jadirahsarmad@gmail.com to further discuss this matter.

Photo Courtesy
All the 'jcb' and 'jasminecatchesbutterflies' watermarked photos are my own and can be used without distorting the watermark for non-profitable purposes, but only with prior permission and a link back to the post. Any other photos displayed on my blog would be linked to the source if possible but I don't claim them to be mine even if they aren't linked for any reason and you won't find them with my watermark. The photos used in my wishlist collages are obviously not mine and would most likely be linked to the source in the written list if possible. The watermark on those collages only claims that the collage is mine and not the photos used within it. Bear in mind, I do not permit to use any photos featured on my blog with someone else's photo courtesy at all. In case you want to use any of my blog photos for business purposes, kindly email me at jadirahsarmad@gmail.com.

All the content on Jasmine Catches Butterflies is owned by Jadirah Sarmad, unless indicated otherwise. Any sort of copyright infringement may (for bloggers) and will (for businesses) lead to a penalty.

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I might share affiliate links in any of the blog posts and you can support my blog by making purchases through those links.

Any discount codes associated with this blog for affiliations that have ended are invalid.
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